Burger King Brings Back Black and Pink Burgers to Its Menu


It’s Back: Burger King Reintroduces Black and Pink Burgers

No, this isn't a collaboration with a famous K-Pop girl group. Instead, it's Burger King Thailand's latest cheeky burger duo featuring black and pink buns. The fast-food chain recently announced the highly anticipated return of this iconic duo through their social media accounts.

Renowned for their inventive approach to burgers, Burger King Thailand has a history of releasing extraordinary creations. Some of their past offerings include a chocolate burger with chocolate buns drizzled in Hershey's chocolate sauce, the iconic Real Cheese Burger featuring a whopping 20 sheets of American cheese, and The Real Meat Burger, allowing customers to stack up to 100 juicy beef patties between Burger King's signature buns.

This trend of pushing boundaries has become a regular occurrence at Burger King Thailand, leaving customers doing a double take to verify if it's real or not. Believe it or not, these extraordinary creations are indeed 100% real.

The Black Whopper Junior boasts a classic beef patty smothered in Thai black pepper sauce, nestled between two striking black buns, all available for the tantalizing price of THB149. On the other hand, the Pink Fillet Burger showcases a fish fillet generously coated in cocktail sauce, sandwiched between two vibrant pink buns, ready to be devoured for just THB79.

While these offerings aren't entirely new to the fast-food chain's menu, previous iterations included ingredients such as grilled onions and salmon.

To indulge in these extraordinary burgers, head to selected Burger King Thailand branches or conveniently have them delivered straight to your doorstep through the Burger King app or online delivery platforms like Lineman and GrabFood.

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