Five Ecotourism Activities in Thailand You Can Take Part In

Venture Into Nature: Ecotourism Activities in Thailand You Can Take Part In

Every seasoned traveller knows that Thailand is a top destination for exploring nature's wonders. This is because, in addition to its many natural attractions, the country leads the way in promoting eco-friendly tourism and sustainable travel through various projects.

If you’re a passionate conservationist or a nature lover, we’re here to help you delve deep into the lush heart of the Land of Smiles. Here are some of Thailand’s ecotourism initiatives you can support and participate in.

The Elephant Nature Park

Since ancient times, elephants have been the symbol of Thailand and are an integral part of their culture. Giving home to these magnificent animals is Elephant Nature Park, a rescue and rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai founded by elephant rights advocate Saengduean Chailert, also known as Lek. The place is a paradise for more than 30 free-roaming elephants that are cared for and fed by volunteers.

Tourists and locals visiting the herd can marvel at these beautiful creatures’ daily lives or even volunteer to take care of them. You can also opt for a half-day, full-day, or overnight visit to the park, or join trips where you can interact with the elephants. To learn more about what awaits you here, visit their website or sign up as a volunteer here.

Contact details: +66 (0) 53 272855, +66 (0) 825573380, or email [email protected]

Trash Hero Thailand

With hundreds of volunteers, Trash Hero Thailand is a community that brings people together to help clean and reduce waste. The organisation boasts a variety of projects, including weekly clean-ups, bottle refill initiatives, and environmental education programs for children. Trash Hero Thailand has more than 20 chapters, covering areas from Bangkok to lesser-known districts like Tha Sae and Hua Hin.

Apart from Thailand, Trash Hero also has communities abroad, including in Switzerland, Indonesia, Singapore, and Indonesia. To take part in their initiatives, sign up as a volunteer here, contact one of their chapters, or follow and message their Facebook page. You can also forward your donations here.

Contact details: Email [email protected]

New Heaven Reef Conservation Program

Founded in 2007, the New Heaven Reef Conservation Program has been enlisting divers to help conserve Thailand’s coral reefs and protect ocean life. They mainly work on the maintenance of Koh Tao Island using various techniques while also teaching and training those who are passionate about marine conservation. They do clean-up programs across the area as well, which is why Koh Tao is one of the most pristine islands in the country, despite numerous tourists visiting it.

New Heaven is accepting students for its various courses and its internship program. To learn more about these or to book a course, visit their website or follow their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Contact details: +66 (0) 77 457 045 or email [email protected]

Soi Dog Foundation

Since its establishment in 2003, Thailand’s Soi Dog Foundation has rescued millions of stray dogs and cats all over the country. Aside from giving a home to these animals, the foundation also advocates for their rights and extends helping hands to our furry friends who have been affected by natural calamities and are victims of accidents and violence.

Of course, you can also help Soi Dog’s cause in various ways! You can either donate cash or supplies, sponsor the rescued animals, or adopt one of them. You can also purchase their merchandise. All earnings from the shop will go to the foundation and be used to care for the animals.

Contact details: +66 (0)76 681 029 or email [email protected]

Ban Phum Riang Ecotourism Community

Image of Ban Phum Riang Ecotourism Community in Thailand
Photo by Website/Tourism Authority of Thailand

Among the many things Thailand is known for is its silk. With the intricate designs, lustrous colours, and fine quality of this fabric, there’s no mistaking that the country is one of the greatest manufacturers of it. If you’re curious about how these are made, you can visit Surat Thani’s Ban Phum Riang Ecotourism Community, a small group of people who specialises in making Thai silk.

Here, you can get a closer look at how this exquisite fabric is woven and purchase it at the market. You can also book a trip across the island via boat and admire its beautiful mangrove forests and marine life.

Contact details: 09 2397 3969, 09 9319 9570

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