Real-Time Tracker Now Available for All Minibus Routes
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Real-Time Tracker for Minibus Arrivals Now Covers All Routes Across Hong Kong

The Transport Department has stated that the HKeMobility real-time arrival information system now offers a complete coverage of all green minibus lines, according to an announcement reported on the official government news site.

The green minibus arrival system allows passengers to check estimated times for up to the next three incoming minibuses along the route they are queuing up for. The system required the Transport Department to install location detection devices on up to 3,300 active green minibuses in Hong Kong.

First introduced in the 2018 policy address, the system was initially tested at the end of 2020, before transitioning to its first stage of use in March 2021 to cover 75 minibus routes. Now offering information for all 453 green minibus routes across the whole city, the final phase of the scheme’s introduction has been completed.

The service is offered via the HKeMobility app that can be downloaded for free on the App Store and the Google Play store. The app also supports personalised traffic announcements and offers information on real-time parking vacancies for drivers of private vehicles.

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