Exploring HKs F&B Scene with Adrian Ma of @ForkwithAdrian
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Interview with Adrian Ma, the Wine, Dine, Watch, and Spirits Connoisseur Behind “Fork with Adrian”

Interview with Adrian Ma the Wine Dine Watch and Spirits Connoisseur Behind Fork with Adrian 2

Hong Kong-born, British-raised Adrian Ma has always been a foodie fanatic since his youth. He learned the ways of food from his mother and became enamoured by Hong Kong’s food, watch, and spirits industries returning to the city as an adult to work.

His Instagram account @ForkWithAdrian has garnered mass attention within the city’s online foodie space and F&B industry, amassing more than 37,500 followers since he created his page.

The Beat Asia sat down with Adrian to shoot some buzz-fire questions about his background, love for all things wine, food, watches, and spirits, in addition to his growing social following on Instagram, and his connection with Hong Kong’s F&B scene.

What is your background and story with Hong Kong? What do you do professionally beyond your social media content?

I was born in Hong Kong and raised in the U.K. I recently founded Wine Ting, a wine distribution and lifestyle company that focuses on natural and trendy wines imported to Hong Kong, as well as running an advisory firm in Hong Kong for six years.

What does it mean to be “Fork with Adrian”?

My mantra is do what you love and love what you do. I like to present the best of Hong Kong’s F&B scene, wine and spirits industry, and watches found in Hong Kong. You might need to ‘fork’ with me to find out.

When did your love and passion for food and wine begin?

Ever since I was a child in England, having an amazing mother who is great at cooking made my standard for food pretty high at a young age. Watching her cook has definitely sparked my interest in culinary arts. My passion for wine began when I first travelled to New Zealand on a road trip, visiting the country’s different vineyards. There I discovered the true beauty, stories, and history behind wine making.

How do luxury watches fit in with your social promotion and life?

Watches are something that I can't live without, and you can't complete the outfit without one. It fits perfectly with my lifestyle; fine wine and luxury watches just go hand in hand together. I mean, I love sports cars too, but I often like to have a drink or two, and I highly discourage [drinking] and [driving]!

What do you love about Hong Kong’s F&B scene? What about it needs improvement?

I love the diversity of different styles of innovative culinary and mixology, and how they bring different cultures together within their creations. However, I would love to see more new faces within the F&B scene.

What is the future for Fork with Adrian and your F&B adventures?

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