Memo Paris Perfume-Inspired Drinks at Marco Polo Hotels

Marco Polo Hotels Unveils Memo Paris-Inspired Cocktail Series

Marco Polo Hotels in Hong Kong announces a captivating collaboration with the Parisian luxury fragrance house, Memo Paris. From now to Feb. 29, guests can immerse themselves in a bespoke cocktail and mocktail experience inspired by Memo Paris' newly launched Inverness eau de parfum, at the dining outlets Cucina, Three on Canton, and SAVVY.

This unique experience aims to transport guests to the woody landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, embodying the essence of the Inverness fragrance. Named after the forest-rich Scottish town, Inverness eau de parfum is a tribute to Amyris wood, enriched with notes of sandalwood, cedar, guaiac, mate absolute, and powdery orris butter. Each drink is expertly crafted, blending elements inspired by Inverness with mixology artistry.

At the hotel’s Italian dining room, Cucina, guests can enjoy the Serene Temptation cocktail. This captivating concoction is a blend of tropical juices and Malibu, infused with butterfly pea flower, and garnished with the fragrant smokiness of oak and cherry wood. The non-alcoholic Serenade mocktail offers a refreshing alternative with peach and apple juices.

The gourmet Chinese concept Three on Canton presents the Charm Bliss cocktail, combining Olmeca tequila and chamomile tea for a harmonious experience. The Spellbound mocktail, a non-alcoholic option, offers a delightful mix of pineapple juice infused with oak wood essence.

Lastly, SAVVY features the Whispering Woods cocktail, marrying Southern Comfort whiskey liqueur with vanilla oat milk and pecan wood smokiness, echoing the woody scent of Memo Inverness. The Dreamy Eternity mocktail combines raspberry syrup and oat milk, complemented by pecan wood aromas.

Additionally, guests ordering these exclusive beverages will receive a voucher to redeem a complimentary "Memo Paris Journey Parfum Experience Kit" at the Memo Paris fragrance boutique in Harbour City. This exclusive kit includes an Inverness eau de parfum experience spray (1.5ml), a designated Memo eau de parfum travel spray (5ml), and a HK$100 cash voucher, offering a multi-sensory experience that extends beyond the palate.

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