Hong Kong's Mixology Marathon: A Cocktail Event at Ozone


Mixology Marathon: A Two-Night Exclusive at Ozone, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is set to host an exclusive two-night event that promises a unique cocktail experience at Ozone, the world's highest rooftop bar. Scheduled for Aug. 17 and 18, the Mixology Marathon will feature a collaboration between eminent mixologists Kentaro Wada, Naoto Ogawa, and Bryan Benitez.

This event is not merely about savouring cocktails; it's a showcase of the craftsmanship and creativity that the art of mixology represents. Six specially crafted cocktails will be on offer, each reflecting the innovative spirit and talent of the acclaimed team behind them.

Ozone bar at Hong Kong's Ritz-Carlton hotel
Photo/Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong

Head bartender of The Bar at The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, Kentaro Wada, will join forces with Campari Brand Ambassador Naoto Ogawa and Ozone’s head mixologist Bryan Benitez to craft these unique creations. This collaboration signifies a meeting of minds, experience, and innovation, guaranteeing an extraordinary evening for all in attendance.

This limited-time event is an opportunity for cocktail enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and anyone interested in the art of mixology to engage with the craft on a deeper level. Click the event link below for further details.

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