Take Your Fur Babies on a Date at This New Café in Wan Chai

Pups Get a Free Puppuccino at This New Pet-Friendly Café in Wan Chai

Do you sometimes wish you could spend some quality time and go to a café with your pet? We got you! Wooo Coffee is a new café in Wan Chai that loves furry friends as much as you do.

Located along Jeffe Road in Wan Chai, Wooo Coffee opened last December and is only accepting walk-ins. Some of the elements from the cha chaan teng that previously occupied the space have been preserved and incorporated into the café’s new look.

Furry Friends Visiting the Cafe
Instagram/Wooo Coffee

With the minimalist industrial interior, you can relax while enjoying the café’s food and drinks.

From Strawberry Sodas and Iced Americanos to Brewed Coffees and Nutty Lattes, Wooo Coffee has a range of hot and cold beverages – and your pup can have a complimentary puppuccino, too!

The café also offers filling all-day breakfast menu items, including pancakes, croffles, and more. For pasta lovers, you might want to try their Tomato Basil Pasta with Scallops, Crab Meat, and Salmon Roe, among other carb-y options.

If you want something light, you can choose from their sandwiches or grab some truffle fries! But if you want something healthy, go straight for their salad!

Aside from all this goodness, the café hosts special events like calligraphy workshops and jazz performances.

No plans this weekend? Take your fur baby on a date at Wooo Coffee! Follow their Instagram for more updates.

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