Twins Kitchen Nixes Traditional Pizza With Pizza Punk
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Taste 'Revolutionary' Pizzas at Twins Kitchen's Newly Launched Pizza Punk

Twins Kitchen Nixes Traditional Pizza With Pizza Punk Photo by Pizza Punk

Scratch the usual pepperoni and mushroom pizzas, because there’s a new store in town that offers never-before-tasted pizza flavours!

Launched by Twins Kitchen’s founders, Joshua and Caleb Ng, the newest store is called Pizza Punk. With the tagline “No Rules. Just Pizza,” the pizzeria promises to serve its customers with creations that ignite a revolution of flavours and break the boundaries of pizza toppings.

Some of the unique flavours customers can order here are F.U., a pizza topped with Chinese fermented soya bean curd; Pork-U-Pie, topped with pork trotters, cordyceps militaris, and capers; Spicy Tofu Madness, topped with tofu puff and spicy meat sauce; and Punk Duck, topped with horseradish cream, sage, and onion.

F.U. Pizza Flavour by Twins Kitchen's New Pizza Punk
Photo by Instagram/Pizza Punk
Punk Duck Pizza Flavour by Twins Kitchen's Pizza Punk
Photo by Instagram/Pizza Punk

The pizzeria likewise boasts sourdoughs made from scratch, slowly fermented for 48 hours at low temperatures to achieve puffy and crispy textures.

To celebrate the launch, Pizza Punk is holding pop-up events on March 3 at Glass Gardener and from March 14 to 16 at Mato. Over at Glass Gardener, Pizza Punk will serve their signature flavours, paired with the bar’s cocktail creations.

Meanwhile, the pizzeria will offer a set menu at Mato, priced at HK$250. There’s also an option to add a wine selection curated by master sommelier Wallace Lo for HK$350.

Currently, Pizza Punk is available only for delivery via foodpanda. To learn more about the store and its offerings, check out its website or follow its Instagram page.

Order now and grab a bite of Pizza Punk’s one-of-a-kind flavours!

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