Tai Wai's Moving Art Exhibit on MTR East Rail Line
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The Wai We Live: MTR Celebrates Tai Wai Through Art on East Rail Line

Header The Wai We Live MTR Celebrates Tai Wai Through Art on East Rail Line Photo by Instagram/@thewaimall

Bringing art outside the galleries and onto the MTR’s moving tracks, Hong Kong's "The Wai We Live" campaign paints the story of Tai Wai's community aboard the exteriors of a nine-carriage MTR train.

First launched at the end of last month, this 14-week-long exhibition showcases the work of seven illustrious local Hong Kong illustrators. Their art graces the interior and exterior of a thematic train that offers daily trips through the bustling paths of the East Rail and Tuen Ma lines, running between Admiralty to Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau.

An initiative birthed from the collaboration between The Wai Mall and the Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), The Wai We Live’s debut aligned with the soft opening of The Wai entertainment and shopping complex, situated just above Tai Wai Station.

Eddie Lau, a renowned artist and senior lecturer at HKDI, led this project, guiding eight of his HKDI students through a detailed exploration of Tai Wai. Over the course of nine months, these student artists delved deep into the Tai Wai community, capturing moments, collecting stories, and encapsulating the essence of everyday life. The result is a moving tapestry of carriages that each spotlight Tai Wai's unique characteristics, community culture, and lifestyle.

Lau depicts the tranquil family life of the region through vibrant colors and playful sketches. Helen Tam, another participating artist famed for her creation Pineapple Bun Girl Pinana, dives deep into Tai Wai's gastronomic delights. Her illustrations come alive with characters indulging in Tai Wai’s culinary treasures. From the festive daa laang Chiu Chow feast, to mouth-watering roast goose and sampan congee.

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