McDonald’s HK Opens New Zero Carbon Restaurant in Tai Wo

McDonald’s Hong Kong Opens New LEED Zero Carbon Restaurant in Tai Wo

A newly renovated McDonald’s restaurant in Tai Wo, New Territories is setting a new standard for sustainable design in the F&B industry, becoming Hong Kong’s first LEED Zero Carbon restaurant.

Recognised by the U.S. Green Building Council, the Tai Wo McDonald’s location is aiming to save a remarkable 848.22 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to the ecological benefits derived from planting over 36,000 16-foot trees.

Thanks to a partnership with eco-conscious startup HK TIMBERBANK, the restaurant’s façade pays homage to the local environment made from trees that succumbed to typhoons or the natural wear of time.

In collaboration with CLP Power Hong Kong, a solar power system has been installed on the rooftop of the restaurant. Smart devices are peppered throughout to monitor energy use and indoor air quality, and pedalling phone-charging bikes are available inside to keep customers engaged in eco-living.

Further strengthening its pledge to the planet, McDonald’s has entered into a "green lease" with its property owner, Link Asset Management Limited, marking a dedication to transparency, with both parties sharing sustainability metrics and adhering to low-carbon operational guidelines.

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