Helpful Guide to the 9 Best Co-living Spaces in Hong Kong
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Your Guide to the 9 Best Co-living Spaces in Hong Kong

Your Guide to the 9 Best Coliving Spaces in Hong Kong Photo by

Living in an expensive city like Hong Kong is no easy when you have to grapple with high rental costs. As a result, many Hong Kongers have subscribed to co-living to find a place to live over the short term without burning a hole in their pockets. While they sound similar, a sub-divided flat and a co-living space are different. A subdivided flat only includes a small area within a flat for one to carry out their daily activities individually, while a co-living space aims to gather a group of like-minded individuals together and build a community.

In some co-living areas, occasional bonding activities are not uncommon, allowing strangers to connect over their shared interests and hobbies! In this article, we’ve listed down things to keep in mind when looking for a co-living space, as well as 10 places in Hong Kong that could be your next temporary home.

Things to Consider When Looking for a Co-Living Space in Hong Kong


Location is one of the most important factors to be considered. The best co-living areas typically lie in the most in-demand districts in the city with swift access to public transportation and entertainment and shopping places. Where you live must be close to your working place or school as you wouldn’t want to spend so much time travelling around.


Think of it this way: the more benefits your co-living accommodation could afford you, the less it would cost. Check whether they have basic facilities such as cleaning services, Wi-Fi, furniture, proper security, and common area. When doing your ocular, be sure to check the network coverage on your phone and see if there are good facilities by talking to the residents there.


Finding flatmates that you can vibe with makes up a big part of your co-living experience. Consider checking the social media pages of your prospect accommodation to get a feel of their culture. Your flatmates will be with you for the most part, so better stay with a bunch who will make you feel at home.


The reputation of your accommodation space is also crucial. Check for reviews online and see other tenants’ experience in your target place. Pay attention to how the brand is responding to customer feedback as this will set the stage for how they will interact with you once you sign up to them.

Living conditions

Make sure there are proper security arrangements such as CCTVs in common areas. Know the rules that the management has put in place to protect its residents. Weigh the pros and cons of having too flexible arrangements.

9 Cool Co-living Spaces in Hong Kong

Weave Living

Weave Living is a global company providing co-living services even at short notice. Its rooms are spacious and well designed, making its residents feel right at home with enough personal space. The best part is it has the comfiest beds you could ever find! You’ll never run out of things to do when you stay here as its events calendar is filled with gatherings such as game nights and workshops. Weave Living branches are available in Hong Kong’s busiest districts and are close to MTR stations.

Shared facilities: 24-hour wellness areas (gym, yoga or spin studio), smart TV and projector, kitchen and cooking facilities

Price range: HK$7,200-HK$15,300/month

Location: Weave Living, Prince Edward, Hung Hom, Olympic, Kai Tak (Studios)

Contact details: 2155 1400 


Aiming to build a close-knit yet diverse community, Oootopia is an innovative co-living space for professionals and students to live in a hassle-free environment. With modern furniture and uniquely designed communal spaces in its three locations, Oootopia features living areas that resemble a utopia-inspired setting for its residents to seek refuge after a busy day in the urban city. The rooms were designed based on natural tones that give out a sense of warmth and intimacy.

Shared facilities: Tatami tearoom, fully equipped pantry, common lounge, and coffee parlour

Price range: HK$13,800-HK$20,000/month

Location: Oootopia, Kai Tak, Tai Kok Tsui, West at HKU station

Contact details: 22196799

Habyt (formerly Hmlet)

With branches in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, Habyt (formerly Hmlet) positions itself as a fast-growing co-living space brand that covers 12 districts and 50 locations. Customised to fit the lifestyle of Hong Kong, Hmlet arranges co-living spaces that suit the clients’ needs. It offers various residence types so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and style. An all-inclusive membership includes unlimited Wi-Fi, weekly cleaning, and access to community events, among others.

Price range: HK$7000-HK$30000~/month

Shared Facilities: depends on the location (e.g., Communal room, Fully equipped kitchen, Balcony, Gym, Clubhouses)

Location: Multiple locations

Contact details: 30015849

The Nate

The Nate incorporates homey elements and refreshing designs into its co-living areas. Furnished with a private safe, bathroom, and a fridge, The Nate takes care of residents’ privacy as much as it strives to create an inclusive area where everyone can socialise in the spacious lounge and shared kitchen, among other common facilities. Its rooftop is perfect for enjoying the views of Kowloon Park. There are different residence options to choose from depending of the price and style—from bunk studios for those who want a roommate to studios with a balcony for those who love sunshine.

Shared facilities: Lounge, Shared kitchen, Laundromat and Gym, etc.

Price range: HK$15,000-HK$26,000/month

Location: The Nate, 176 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact details: 6688 3746



Unable to apply for a hostel in your uni? Yoofhill is here to save the day. As one of the leading student co-living accommodations in Hong Kong, it houses more than 600 students from all universities in the city. Heading to school on time wouldn’t be a problem when it only takes less than 30 minutes to travel to almost five universities in Hong Kong. Other than the communal areas, there are also charming nearby coffee shops where you could dive into your studies undisturbed. Speedy and stable Wi-Fi, intriguing community events, and a delightful outdoor area for exercise or barbecues are some of its highlights.

Shared facilities: Rooftop, garden terrace, gym area, vending machine, shared kitchen

Price range: HK$6,200-HK$17,500/month

Location: Yoofhill, Hung Hom, Sai Wan and Jordan

Contact details: 21101490

Commune Castle Peak

Managed by the Tang’s Living Group, Commune Castle Peak offers a hotel-like experience. Who would have thought that a co-living space means waking up to a stunning sea view every day? Commune Castle Peak hopes to give its tenants more than a co-living experience but a multi-purpose space where they can co-live, co-play, co-learn. This accommodation is not easy to get to but there are shuttle bus services that can drop you off at MTR stations.

Shared facilities: Pool, fitness centre with gym/workout room, bar/lounge, game room, outdoor swimming pool

Price range: HK$12,741-HK$14,260/month

Location: Commune Castle Peak, Tsuen Wan

Contact details: 29451111

Dash Living

Covering six of the most active districts in Hong Kong, Dash Living owns over 500 units of co-living homes and serviced apartments in the city. Seeking entertainment, delicious gourmets, and shopping areas would be convenient as the homes boast a strategic location. The studios and flats are customised for urban professionals both locals and non-locals, with private bathrooms and a comfy communal area. The staff are responsive to residents’ requests, too.

Shared facilities: Gym, laundry and other communal areas

Price range: HK$8,000-25,000/month

Location: Dash Living, Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Central, Tsim Sha Tsui, Jordan and Mong Kok

Contact details: 3001 5774


Co:Room is a local co-living space brand that aims to create a space for like-minded youths at an affordable price. Its residents are within easy access to D2 place for local products, Button Street for garment fasteners, and Lui San Chun. The space is more than just a place to rest but a venue to join a community with shared interests. Its rooms are for individual-use only, but you can still interact with others when you meet them in common areas.

Shared facilities: Shared bathrooms, pantry

Price range: HK$3,800

Location: Co:Room, Sham Shui Po

Contact details: 34602430


Another fantastic local co-living space is the Yesinn@YauMaTei where you could meet people from all over the world. It may not have as much facilities as the other spaces, but it has a flurry of exciting events planned for their residents. If you are in for get-togethers and fun nights out, this co-living space is for you! There are single and double rooms to choose from at a reasonable price.

Shared facilities: Shared kitchens, chill-out areas, lift

Price: HK$6,888-HK$8,888/month

Location: Yesinn@YauMaTei, 2F, Wing Sing Lane IB, Yaumatei, Hong Kong

Contact details: 56089966

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