Five Budget Hotels in Macau for Backpackers and Soloists

Five Budget Accommodations in Macau for Backpackers and Solo Travelers

On the hunt for affordable places to stay in Macau? While the Las Vegas of the East is known for its towering buildings and lavish shopping centres, the multicultural city also has a long list of accommodations that won’t break a hole in your pocket. From Instagrammable hotels to quirky inns and guest houses where you can reconnect with your senses and mingle with fellow travelers, here are some of the most budget-friendly hostels in Macau.

Ka Meng Villa

Ka Meng Villa
Photo by Website/agoda

If you’re in search of a spacious hotel, Ka Meng Villa is your best bet. Situated near the Ruins of St. Paul’s and Senado Square, this solo traveler-friendly hotel is equipped with air conditioning, towels, fresh sheets, and free WiFi. The accommodation has a common area where you can relax and sip a cup of coffee, making it a good choice for those in dire need of an escape.

Book via agoda for MOP$460. (Price is subject to change depending on your chosen travel dates)

Location: Ka Meng Villa, Rua Madeira, Edf, Kam Hou, No. 7, Macau, China

Heisha Youth Hostel

Heisha Youth Hostel
Photo by Website/Tripadvisor

If you’re itching to get away from the bustle of Macau’s touristy spots, check out Heisha Youth Hostel. This highly rated abode promises a stay of comfort and serenity with its big rooms that can fit up to five people and a kitchen that allows guests to cook and make a cup of joe. Whether you’re flying to Macau for leisure or business, this cosy lodging has all the essentials for a fun and rejuvenating hotel experience.

Book via Tripadvisor for MOP$500. (Price is subject to change depending on your chosen travel dates)

Location: Heisha Youth Hostel, Circuit Haibin Road, Heisha Longzhuajiao, Macau, China

Caravel Hotel

Caravel Hotel
Photo by Instagram/Caravel Hotel

Caravel Hotel is a boutique accommodation that provides a panoramic view of Macau. Established in 2016, this IG-worthy hotel features Portuguese-inspired interiors and large rooms that can house a group of six to eight guests. It’s located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Rua do Guimaraes, which is known for its wet markets, shopping centres, and food hubs.

Book for MOP$990. (Price is subject to change depending on your chosen travel dates)

Location: Caravel Hotel, 96-126, Rua de Guimaraes, Macau, China

Hotel Lisboa

Hotel Lisboa
Photo by Website/Caravel Hotel

A landmark hotel and casino, Hotel Lisboa is one of the most frequented spots in Macau. Built in 2008, the accommodation has 1,000 rooms and executive suites where solo travelers and families can indulge in a luxurious stay like no other. While it features lavish amenities such as restaurants, bars, a shopping arcade, and a big sports centre, the hotel remains to be one of the most affordable accommodations in the Las Vegas of the East.

Book for MOP$1,200. (Price is subject to change depending on your chosen travel dates)

Location: Hotel Lisboa, Macao Avenue, Lisbon, 4, No. 2-4, Macau, China

Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel

Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel
Photo by Website/Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel

Conveniently situated in the heart of Macau, Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel is a three-star accommodation that provides an ideal stay for both leisure and business travelers. The place is equipped with several amenities such as safety deposit boxes, a 24-hour front desk service, restaurants and bars, and free WiFi. The best part? It’s near the city’s top cultural sites and spots, making it a perfect haven for travel junkies of all ages.

Book for MOP$570. (Price is subject to change depending on your chosen travel dates)

Location: Ole Tai Sam Un Hotel, Ua Da Caldeira, No 43-45 R/C A, Macau, China

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