Macau Museum of Art to Hold Lantern Making for Kids

Macau Museum of Art to Hold Lantern Making for Kids on Feb. 5

The Macau Museum of Art will hold a lantern-making activity for kids and their parents in time for the Lantern Festival next month. Participants will get to appreciate lanterns and their symbol in the Macanese history by joining this event slated for Feb. 5. Local communities used to hang lanterns in their homes to pay respects to the Buddha. Today, Lantern Festival is still celebrated and is often regarded as the version of Valentine's Day in Chinese culture.

As part of the activity, participants are also encouraged to designer their paper lanterns with their recreation of the Lucky Rabbit.

This event is free of charge and will be held at the ground floor of the museum. it is open to children aged five to 12 and their parents. Only 14 pairs will be accommodated so lock in your slots now by registering here. Registration is open until Feb. 2.

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