Meet Vienna & Tarran, Macau’s Cool Influencer Parents
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Meet Vienna & Tarran, Macau’s Cool Travel and Lifestyle Influencer Parents

Meet Vienna Tarran Macaus Cool Travel and Lifestyle Influencer Parents 1

Vienna Sou, born and raised in Macau, met Hong Konger Tarran Goodwin in classic fashion: at work. They fell in love in Macau, continued their life north, working in Shanghai, and returned to the city to create a family.

The savvy hotel marketers and PR gurus began sharing their special life in China on Instagram, travelling across the country to expose the natural beauty from east to west. When the couple returned to Macau, they transitioned their content creation on their Instagram account @sou.good to showcasing great Macau culture.

Now a family of four, the popular Macanese influencers joined The Beat Asia to chat about their parental journey, life with their kids Aria Rae and Joshua Ellis, and how they promote Macau’s beautiful lifestyle and culture on Instagram. 

Meet Vienna & Tarran, Macau’s Cool Influencer Parents

How did the story of Vienna and Tarran begin?

Vienna: We both met in 2016 after my graduation from my university studies in Chicago, when I returned to Macau for my career. We both worked in the same hotel, meeting in the staff canteen.

Tarran: I moved to Macau in 2012, involved in the pre-opening of Sheraton Macau hotel. I had already spent four years working at the Sheraton before meeting Vienna at the same hotel. After that, we decided to move to Shanghai to work in hotels.

What is your Macau connection and how is it central to your family?

T: We left Shanghai in April 2019 and went on a travel binge before having kids to enjoy our time together. We lived out of a suitcase, travelling to Eastern Europe, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Australia, and New Zealand, before we decided to move back to Macau to settle down.

We found ourselves stuck during COVID in 2020, but we were lucky with how it worked. We had two pandemic babies, and our life evolved from there.

Meet Vienna & Tarran, Macau’s Cool Influencer Parents

Why did you decide to begin documenting your parenthood journey and family on Instagram?

V: We actually began documenting our life in 2016 in Shanghai with part-time content creation outside of work. As I had a marketing background, I was familiar with the [influencing] space.

T: We explored China every long weekend. We had to showcase all these cool places in China that you could go to. Jumping on a quick plane from Shanghai to anywhere allowed us to see China’s beauty.

V: When the pandemic kicked off, we didn’t know how long it would take to get back to normal. Macau had no tourists, and we wanted to take advantage of the empty landmarks and streets.

Our content shifted quickly, from sharing our trips across China to documenting Macau’s streets and life in a rainbow colour theme. The city is so colourful!

When we had our first child, Aria, we would find that there are not many things to do with young babies in Macau.

We ventured around the city to show the fun and interesting activities for young parents and babies. We would get so many messages from mums asking about our tips and following our journey.

What inspired you to create Daisie & Rae and sell beautiful baby products?

V: My partner and I created Daisie & Rae baby shop, because we found that baby products from abroad were tough or impossible to ship to Macau, as some sites don’t even recognise Macau as a country.

We carry baby products that are simple and elegant from Australia, Singapore, the U.K. and beyond.

Meet Vienna & Tarran, Macau’s Cool Influencer Parents

What is it like to create this space in Macau and feed into the local marketing of mums with newborns and toddles?

V: We have become friends with many of our customers, from Macau, Hong Kong and even Taiwan. Hopefully, we will transition to a physical store to sell Daisie & Rae products.

For new mums, you're much more careful with your first baby. You want to make sure you get the best products for them. Owning an online shop gives us more flexibility to reach customers, but we are trying to join more local expos and markets in Macau.

What is next for your parental journey and life online?

T: Now that the pandemic is out of the way, travelling is back on the map for us, and we are always planning the next trip with our kids. We want to combine our content and life, combining travel and family together.

We have documented a few cool trips we already did before this summer, so we will be sharing that travel content soon.

Find out what Vienna, Tarran, Daisie and Rae are up to in Macau on the family’s Instagram page.

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