Look: 1KG Raw Chicken Goes on Carousell Singapore for S$80


Look: 1KG Raw Chicken Goes on Carousell Singapore for S$80 Amid Supply Crunch

Are you worried about running out of your favourite chicken wings or chicken rice? Fret not. Well, that is if you’re willing to fork out at least S$80 for a kilo of your beloved protein.

As Singapore prepares to bear the brunt of Malaysia’s decision to halt its export of chickens starting next month, at least one Carousell user in Singapore is taking advantage of the hype by selling raw chicken for a whopping S$80 per kilo.

Carousell user @i_luv_chicken_rice, a newly created account, posted his listing on May 25 with a description: “Freshly bought chicken @ S$80/kg. I just bought a new fridge that can stock up to 500kg of chicken. Lowballer will be ignored. No Nego.”

The listing bears the Carousell Protection badge, which means payments are withheld until the buyer confirms receipt of the item as listed. However, some social media users said the listing is likely a joke and is an attempt to make fun of the looming shortage of chicken supply in Singapore.

On May 23, Malaysia announced that it will pause the export of 3.6 million chickens per month starting June 1 due to a supply shortage and rising prices.

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