Public Transport Vouchers Online Application Opens Jan. 10


Online Application for Public Transport Vouchers to Open From Jan. 10

The online application for the second stage distribution of Public Transport Vouchers (PTVs) will open from Jan. 10 to Oct. 31, according to the Ministry of Transport on Jan. 3.

Under the 2021 PTV Exercise, 600,000 PTVs worth S$30 each will be made available to eligible households as a form of support to cope with public transport fare adjustment. Households with a monthly income of not more than S$1,600 per person are eligible for the PTV.

The voucher may be used as top up fare cards for public transportation or to buy monthly concession passes. These are redeemable until March 31, 2023.

Around 280,000 PTV notification letters have since been delivered to households in December 2021 under stage 1. Eligible households who did not receive a voucher during stage 1 can apply online through this link.

Eligible households may also apply in person at local Community Centres/Clubs under Stage 3, which will begin from Feb. 14 to Oct. 31.

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