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Here’s Where to Find the Best Caviar in SG

Heres Where to Find the Best Caviar in SG

Often eaten raw or as an appetiser, caviar is a popular delicacy consisting of salt-cured roe or unfertilised eggs. In case you’re living under a rock, this unique fare is usually collected from quality breeds of either the sturgeon or the beluga family.

Curious to know what it tastes like? Fortunately, the Lion City is brimming with seafood restaurants and stores offering this delectable dish. Ready your tummies and shop in any of these caviar spots in Singapore!

Caviar Colony

Caviar Colony
Photo by Website/Caviar Colony

Established in 2019, Caviar Colony is a Singapore-born brand that harvests fresh caviar from various species of farmed sturgeon. The company believes that high-quality caviar should be accessible to customers not just in the Lion City, but also in different parts of the world. If you’re craving nutty caviar, try out the Kaluga (S$320). If you’re leaning towards something buttery, consider buying the Amur (S$210). For the full list of caviar variants, click this link.

Contact details: [email protected] 

The New Grocer

The New Grocer Caviar
Photo by Website/The New Grocer

Offering groceries from ready-to-eat meals to platters and hampers, The New Grocer is the Singaporean’s one-stop shop for all things food. This digital grocery has a special selection of caviar including the fruity Sturia Vintage Caviar (S$52.99) and the hazelnut-flavoured Hybrid Caviar (S$109). If you’re feeling adventurous, indulge in its Truffle Caviar (S$63.99), an earthy and meaty caviar that you can pair with any snack. Check out The New Grocer’s wide array of caviar here.

Contact details: [email protected] or +65-8768-775

Ferrari: Food + Wine

Ferrari Food + Wine Caviar
Photo by Website/Ferrari Food + Wine

A significant player in Singapore’s F&B industry, Ferrari: Food + Wine specialises in luxury food and premium wines. Its Calvisius – Caviar Black, which is priced at S$150, will tickle your tastebuds thanks to its smooth and slightly nutty flavour. Fancy a creamier version of this highly sought-after dish? Shop the Calvisius – Caviar Oscietra for S$250. For more caviar options, visit Ferrari: Food + Wine’s official online store.

Contact details: [email protected] or +65-6749-3565

World Caviar House

World Caviar House
Photo by Website/World Caviar House

World Caviar House’s premium-looking caviar collection tastes as good as they look. The online store has two caviar options including the Caviar Classic (starts at S$56), a delicate caviar with a slightly nutty aftertaste, and the Caviar Premier (starts at S$65), an elevated version of the classic variant. Exclusive caviar kits are also on offer with prices ranging from S$162 to S$783. Shop through this link.

Contact details: +65-8315-9850

Delicia Gourmet

Delicia Gourment Caviar
Photo by Website/Delicia Gourmet

Launched in 2008, Delicia Gourmet carries an extensive collection of premium products, from caviar to foie gras and French food. For starters, try out the Caviar Sturia “Jasmin” Oscietra (starts at S$101), a slightly salty caviar that goes well with bread. If you want something savoury and tangy, get the Caviar Oscietra Golden N25 (S$882). For other caviar choices, check out Delicia Gourmet’s website.

Contact details:

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