Slay Your OOTD Pics With These Mirrors in Singapore


Give Justice to Your OOTD Shots With These Full-length Mirrors in Singapore

Who doesn't love admiring themselves in front of the mirror when rocking an outfit? Dressing up is one of the things that makes us feel good about ourselves, so much so that people have come up with a term for it when taking photos of their ensembles: the OOTD (Outfit of the Day).

While asking someone to take a photo of your OOTD is pretty much a norm, not everybody has a plus one to serve as their most ardent photographer. Mirrors are your best friend! To make sure you give justice to those OOTD shots, you need to find the perfect mirror to reflect your awesome outfit. These full-length mirrors that you can get in Singapore may just do the trick. Check them out.

Urban Mood

Urban Mood is one of the furniture stores in Singapore that offers quality, designer furniture at reasonable prices. It's a fully e-commerce shop, though, so if you prefer going to a showroom to check out pieces, you wouldn't be able to do this here, but it's one of the reasons why Urban Mood is able to keep its prices affordable to customers. For those who like minimalist yet elegant home decors, Urban Mood's AISLE full-length mirror may be up your alley. Shaped like an arched window, this mirror comes in black and gold, and can be customized in size from 40 centimetres by 120 cm to 70 cm by 180 cm. The biggest size is priced at S$610.  

Island Living

Home goods store Island Living was founded by designer Karin Rysgaard and ex-public relations consultant Denise Vrontas to offer globally sourced furniture and home decors that embody the ethos of island life. Island Living has a couple of full-length mirrors that come in different textures and materials depending on your mood and sensibility, such as teak, rattan, elm, and exotic wood. For a timeless full-length mirror that will last you through the ages, consider the Java Border Mirror in natural (130 cm by 210 cm), which is made from solid reclaimed elm wood. As simple as it is, it's bound to be the scene stealer of any room. You can get it online for S$790.

Location: Island Living, 8 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, #06-04, Mapletree Industrial Trust  

Urban Home Living

Want a full-length mirror for your OOTD pics without breaking the bank? This black modern full-length mirror from Urban Living is perfect for you. Priced at only S$89, it is simple, sophisticated, and functional, making sure the focus is on you. Measuring 40 cm by 150 cm, it has a slip-resistant base as well as circular corners and can either be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall. This mirror won't take up a lot of space in your home, making it suitable for young professionals and college students.  

Singapore Home Furniture

Full Length Mirror Singapore

Have you ever tried to look for the perfect furniture for your home only to be disappointed by the furniture stores you've scoured? That's the driving force behind Singapore Home Furniture: to ensure shoppers will never experience such disappointment again. Its furniture has become fixtures in many Singaporeans' spaces, turning their houses into homes with its special touch. Singapore Home Furniture's gold HAMAR vintage mirror is a decorative mirror that can be used for your OOTDs as a standing mirror or a wall mirror. It is elegant without being loud, thanks to its gold and intricate design. Its height ranges from 150 cm to 190 cm. You may enquire or order online.

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