Get Rid of Your Clutter With Professional Organisers in SG
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Tidy Up Your Home Clutter With These Professional Organisers in Singapore

Professional Organisers in Singapore

You're probably thinking, "Why hire a professional organiser? I can probably do it myself." This may be true, but it also doesn't hurt to ask for help sometimes, especially when our tasks and responsibilities are all stacked up against us and time is of the essence.

Doing general cleaning and tidying up our homes are definitely in order for the new year. If you find that you may need objective guidance on how to better utilise your space, let go of clutter that's been stored in your home for far too long, and learn organisation helpful tips for your bedroom, closet, pantry, bathroom, kitchen, or office desk, a professional organiser can help you there. Here are five professional organisers in Singapore you can consider to help you tidy up your home clutter!


Orderly was founded by friends Rae and Vanessa, who are both certified organisational specialists. Hours of poring over The Home Edit and Ikea products and their passion for organising eventually gave birth to this company. Orderly provides services for a myriad of spaces, such as residential and business, as well as moving services for sorting, packing, and unpacking. Its process begins with a teleconsultation with you, followed by decluttering and design, organising, then maintenance via virtual check-in a month after. Orderly's initial teleconsultation is free, whereas co-founders Rae and Vanessa charge S$80 per hour and their assistants S$65 per hour. How long organising would take depends on the size of your space, but it is estimated to take two to three hours for a typical kitchen. Book a free consulation with Orderly on its website.

Get Organised and Beyond

Nathalie Ricaud founded Get Organised & Beyond after a career in supply chain management, where she spent planning spaces, improving warehouse spaces and processes and systems. Originally from France, Ricaud has been calling Singapore home since 1998, where she's now putting her passions and skills to use to help others tidy up their clutter and change their lives.

Ricaud offers a one-on-one time management programme and online organising coaching, as well as home organising, which begins with a free phone discussion followed by a three-hour kickstart session to go through your "problem areas." She also offers group courses on wardrobe, paper clutter, and beating the morning rush. Get in touch with Ricaud via her website here.

Your Tidy Half

Your Tidy Half was founded by Esther, a certified KonMari Gold Consultant. She utilises the KonMari Method, which was developed by Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo, to "declutter, organise, and transform spaces." Your Tidy Half can be called Esther's passion project, as it was borne from her love for tidying up and witnessing others live in a space they can truly call their own. There are six basic rules of tidying up under the KonMari Method, namely committing oneself to tidying up; imagining one's ideal lifestyle; discarding first; tidying by category and not by location; following the right order; and asking if it sparks joy. To learn more about Esther's services and rates, as well as book a complimentary consultation, go here.

Edits Inc

Overwhelmed by the clutter that has accumulated at home? Don't worry, call the professional organisers! Edits Inc is known for its home and office organising services, which are rooted in the 3 Rs: retrieve, replace, and reset. Edits Inc is clear about the difference between tidying and organizing, where the former's aim is to look neat and may not meet all the Rs, while the latter's goal is to "create a structure for the space" and which meets the criteria for the 3Rs. Edits Inc's process begins with a site assessment, followed by a plan, then the sorting, purging, organising, finished off with the big reveal. For a complimentary site assessment by Edits Inc, go here.

Minimize With Joy

Minimize with Joy was founded by Martini Constance, who also employs the KonMari Method of Kondo. Apart from the six rules of this method, it also has five categories, namely clothes, books, paper, komono (miscellaneous), and sentimental (photos and letters). Constance had more than 10 years of working experience in financial IT before becoming a certified KonMari consultant and starting her journey towards organising and decluttering. Constance offers decluttering and organising for all spaces and categories, as well as new home stage spaces planning and home moving. Other services include layout and interior decorating, soft furnishing, and storage recommendation. To schedule a free consultation with Constance (which can be conducted in English, Mandarin, Malay, or Teochew), go here.

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