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Elevator Pitch Meet Comic Book Author Square X CEO Vivek Ramachandran

Elevator Pitch: Meet Comic Book Author & SquareX CEO Vivek Ramachandran

Vivek Ramachandran is the founder and CEO of SquareX, a browser-native security product programmed to keep users safe from nefarious online activities.
Work More Efficiently as Samsung Galaxy AI Now Supports Cantonese

Work More Efficiently as Samsung Galaxy AI Now Supports Cantonese

Samsung continues to expand and bring the Galaxy AI experience to everyone with its latest update, including new languages and dialects, including Cantonese.
The Pontiac Cyber 22

The Pontiac Debuts Cyberpunk-Themed Cocktail Menu Enhanced by AI

Explore The Pontiac's latest venture in Hong Kong as they unveil a revolutionary cyberpunk-inspired cocktail menu, crafted with the help of artificial intelligence. Step into the future of nightlife with this award-winning bar's unique blend of technology and mixology.
Apple Unveils Plans to Expand Its Campus in Singapore

Apple to Expand Singapore Campus, Upgrade Facilities

With an investment of over US$250 million, the expansion plan aims to provide new spaces for the development of artificial intelligence and other key functions.
Hong Kongs Travel Demand in 2024 to See Strong Recovery Publishes Latest Hong Kong Tourism Forecast for 2024

To cater to these growing travel needs, whipped up its AI Trip Planner, a platform where users can instantly refine their trip plans through suggestions generated by artificial intelligence.
AI Dictionary Machine Learning header

What is AI Machine Learning and How Does it Work?

Join The Beat Asia in understanding buzzwords in the artificial intelligence scene, so that you know what you’re discussing when it comes to machine learning.
NUS Launches AI Institute Focuses on Integrating AI Into SG Society

NUS Launches AI Institute, Focuses on Integrating AI Into SG Society

To further improve the system and develop various fields through research, NUS has established its AI Institute to integrate AI capabilities into society.
AI Dictionary What is AI header

What is ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Simple Terms?

Join us in demystifying popular buzzwords in the artificial intelligence space, so that you know exactly what you’re talking about.