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Jay Chou Joins Christies Post Millenium Evening Sale this Nov 28 header

Jay Chou Joins Christie’s Post-Millenium Evening Sale, this Nov. 28

Celebrate international contemporary art as global superstar Jay Chou collaborates with Christie's Hong Kong to curate an auction of extraordinary artists.
50 Years in Asia Sothebys Legacy of Luxury Cultural Excellence Header

50 Years in Asia: Sotheby’s Legacy of Luxury & Cultural Excellence

Sotheby’s celebrates 50 years in Asia. Explore record-breaking auctions, remarkable milestones, and a legacy of cultural expertise and luxury in auctioning.
Header Exclusive Leica M6 Leitz Auction Set Unveiled with Only 20 Copies

Exclusive Leica M6 'Leitz Auction' Set Unveiled with Only 20 Copies

Impeccable craftsmanship meets timeless allure in the Leica M6 Set "Leitz Auction," a limited release that marks a milestone in the brand’s history.
Header Victor Shaws Lifelong Jade Collection on Display at Sothebys HK Gallery

Victor Shaw's Lifelong Jade Collection on Display at Sotheby's HK Gallery

Witness Victor Shaw's cherished collection of jade jewellery, reflecting 5,000 years of Chinese history, at Sotheby's Hong Kong Gallery. Online bidding available.
Join the Affordable Art Auction To Sip and Bid on Unique Pieces Header

Sip and Bid Affordable Art Auction To Be Held at the FCC in Aug.

Discover a night of art, music, fine wines, and canapes at the Foreign Correspondents Club. Find amazing artworks that suit your budget as you sip and bid on your favourite pieces.