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Tested: Devialet Gemini II - Unrivalled True Wireless Excellence?

Discover the unmatched auditory brilliance of the Devialet Gemini II True Wireless Earbuds, setting unrivalled standards with their superior sound and class-leading ANC, offering a luxurious auditory journey unlike any other.
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Devialet's In-Ear Encore: The Gemini II Takes Centre Stage

Devialet has lifted the curtain on its second-generation wireless earbuds, the Gemini II, today, Sept. 13. Our team was on-site at the launch, and here's our first take on this next act in high-end audio.
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Devialet Phantom 1 108 dB Opéra de Paris Edition Review

Dress to the nines and experience a sonorous symphony with the Devialet Phantom 1 - 108 dB Opéra de Paris Edition - a splendid marriage of masterful design and unparalleled audio prowess.
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Turning Up The Heat: Devialet's Colours of Summer Editions

Devialet Mania's exclusive Summer Edition speakers, dressed in Sunset Rose and Sandstorm, bring a fresh perspective to the brand's portable audio offerings. They boast 360° sound in a compact size, a feature that had previously impressed with the original Mania speaker.