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Exploring Dogs Founder Stephanie Lown on Going Lone Wolf to Pack Leader

Discover how Exploring Dogs founder Stephanie emerged from her dark moments into a dazzling community of dog loving adventurers exploring nature in Hong Kong.
COOKIE DPT Afternoon Tea

Join COOKIE DPT’s Paw-some Charity Afternoon Tea for Pets on March 17

Get your dog’s leash ready as COOKIE DPT launches their dog treats menu for a charity afternoon tea at their Central flagship café on March 17! Read more here.
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What Your Dog Watches On TV Can Reveal Their Age & Vision

What types of shows engage dogs the most and why? Find out how this research could improve canine vision assessment and enhance your dogs' quality of life!
Doggy High Tea

Mark Friendship Day With Your Furry Pal at This Doggy High Tea on July 30

International Friendship Day is upon us and what better way to celebrate it than marking the occasion with your furry friend? Enter Doggy High Tea on July 30!
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PSA, Dog Lovers! These Fur Babies in Bacolod Are Looking for Loving Homes

Three pups, namely Juana, Rambo, and Teddy, are in need of new shelter and families. The adoption drive will be held at Ayala Capitol Central in Bacolod City.
Sorry Fur Parents Pets Are Still Not Allowed on Public Transport

Sorry Fur Parents, Pets Are Still Not Allowed on Public Transport

Sad news, fur parents living and visiting Singapore: Pets are still not allowed on public transportation like buses and MRT except trained guide dogs.