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NIVEA Sun Watsons

NIVEA Sun Partners With Watsons Thailand to Protect Your Skin and the Sea

Get ready for your next summer getaway and don’t forget to get your NIVEA Sun’s coral reef- and environmentally-friendly products. Find out more about it here.
Species Spotlight The Prehistoric Horseshoe Crab Header

Species Spotlight: Unsung Hero In Vaccine Production, The Horseshoe Crab

The Beat Asia explores the history of horseshoe crabs, where you can find them in Hong Kong, and some fun trivia about these creepy crawly time capsules.
Header Reviving Hong Kongs Reefs with CORAL REEF Storation Project

HK CORAL REEFStoration Project to Rescue & Rehabilitate Local Coral

Discover how the CORAL REEFStoration Project, with its unique use of 3D-printed terracotta reef tiles, is helping restore Hong Kong's coral reefs.
All You Need to Know About Reef Safe Sunscreen

All You Need to Know About Reef-Safe Sunscreens

So, what is a reef-safe sunscreen? It is a product that is free from harmful chemicals and small particles that can destruct coral health.