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TikTokers Kat de Guzman & Kat Ariones On Social Media and Gut Health

If there’s one thing that Kat de Guzman and Kat Ariones has learned it’s that health trumps all. Here’s what battling GERD and TikTok negativity has taught them.
640px Catarina Princesa Guilherme de Cambridge

What the Whole Kate Middleton News Says About Society in 2024

From conspiracy theories to celebrity apologies, this is what Kate Middleton’s news has revealed about society
Digital 2024 Singapore

Digital 2024 Highlights: The Trends and Behaviours of Singaporeans Online

We Are Social's Digital 2024 report dove deep into the trends defining social networks, the internet, and digital media not just in Singapore, but also globally.
You Can Now Share IG Posts Reels to Close Friends Only

You Can Now Share Instagram Feed Posts, Reels to 'Close Friends' Only

Instagram users can now share their feed posts and Instagram Reels with their own curated list of “close friends,” a feature that was previously launched on Stories and Notes.