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Elevator Pitch Meet Comic Book Author Square X CEO Vivek Ramachandran

Elevator Pitch: Meet Comic Book Author & SquareX CEO Vivek Ramachandran

Vivek Ramachandran is the founder and CEO of SquareX, a browser-native security product programmed to keep users safe from nefarious online activities.
CEO Opal Kijtikhun

Elevator Pitch: Senna Labs CEO Opal Kijtikhun on her IT Consulting Journey

The Beat Asia chatted with CEO/Founder Piyaporn “Opal” Kijtikhun to learn more about Senna Labs and her career in IT consulting. Click the article to read more.
Louder Connect 2023 Interviews

Female Founders on Taking Up Space and Shattering Biases

The Beat Asia spoke with women entrepreneurs and investors about their views on penetrating a historically male-dominated space, ensuring fairer funding rounds, and walking the talk on gender diversity.
Elevator Pitch Chanapol Tantakosol Founder of Agrifood Tech Startup MUU

Elevator Pitch: Chanapol Tantakosol, Co-founder of Agrifood Startup MUU

The Beat Asia spoke with Chanapol Tantakosol, CEO and co-founder of MUU, an agritech startup based in Bangkok dedicated to developing dairy alternatives.
Louder Connect What Do Investors Look For in a Business Pitch Header

Louder Connect: What Do Investors Look For in a Business Pitch?

As part of Yamilette Cano’s Louder Connect event, Radical Debates tackles what investors look for in a business pitch. Hear from Bowie Lau, Carla Martinesi and more.
CHOMPs Carla Martinesi

Carla Martinesi on Powering Her Female-Led Social Impact Startup, CHOMP

Carla Martinesi, founder of the award-winning app CHOMP, shares her behind-the-scenes tips for aspiring female entrepreneurs in the sustainability sphere.