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HEADER VR Metaverse and More Tech

VR, Metaverse, and the Issue of Using More Tech to Participate in Tech

The metaverse is available with a bulky, pricey VR headset. For the young ones who are trying to use less to need another piece of tech may be asking too much.
20230303 Cultural Map of Thailand HEADER

Cultural Map of Thailand: Building the Soul of the Country on the Internet

With the cultural map of Thailand, which can be integrated in the metaverse, getting acquainted with the soul of the country won’t involve long travel times.
Digital Art Fair Asia

What to Check Out at the 2022 Digital Art Fair Asia

The 2022 DAFA will feature five main zones that each brings a unique multi-sensory experience. While the artist lineup has not yet been completed, a few galleries and artists have been officially announced on DAFA’s social media platforms.