Why Tech Itself is Hindering the Growth of the Metaverse
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VR, Metaverse, and the Issue of Using More Tech to Participate in Tech

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Much has been made of Facebook/Meta’s metaverse, how much it sucks, why no one is there, and although the virtual reality (VR) bedrock of this entire ecosystem can be construed as “working,” even the ones who make it don’t want to use it. The latest Yahoo APAC metaverse survey, done in collaboration with MediaWeek with 15,000 respondents, showed that people are aware of it.

So, there’s really no problem there, seeing that Facebook is a worldwide platform that can disseminate like no other entity in the history of the world. They have one big problem, though, that no amount of marketing can’t solve: you need a VR headset to access Meta’s metaverse. It’s such a big factor that deters Singaporeans from entering the metaverse.

Just No Room

Asking a generation of people who are slowly returning to tiny clutch bags and a solitary smartphone to do everything to get a bulky VR headset that would need its own bag, power supply, and audio paraphernalia is just not going to go down so easily. Maybe some have space for a Kindle or a small laptop, but a whole set of hardware?

Even in the comforts of their own desk or room, a VR headset can be hard to stomach. Space may not be the problem, but the cost is another hurdle. The Meta Pro, the one that’s supposed to give you the best metaverse experience, is US$1,499. That’s S$2,026 in SG money, and even in the next five years, that’s a lot of money to spend on a tech with one purpose.

Meta’s College, Finding-Itself Days

Without a product that works properly, Meta’s metaverse will remain a concept for many. And even if they are able to refine Horizon Worlds, the metaverse itself, and how well VR headsets interact with facets of that world, there’s still the question of other than Facebook-sanctioned activities, how is this digital reality supposed to replicate real life? That’s supposing that there’s enough people who use it regularly, providing that all-important activity that’s vital to a society.

The Verge made a good point on Meta not knowingly pushing away its gaming-centric function, which is a major reason for buying VR headsets among early adapters. Their VR headsets sell well, but those who buy it use it primarily for gaming. Mystifyingly, Horizon Worlds doesn’t offer much gaming other than extremely janky shooters.

It’s still very much early days – so early that Meta may not be the company who cracks the metaverse code (despite being named after the very premise at the core of the platform). Still, though, it’s fun to see the company, along with countless others, build something new. If only they know that carrying more tech is just not in anyone’s plan.

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