Fusion Bank Launches Business Banking Service for SMEs


Hong Kong-based Fusion Bank Launches Business Banking Service for SMEs

Fusion Bank, a virtual bank backed by Tencent Holdings Limited, has launched Business Banking Services in Hong Kong to offer local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) internet banking services with a 24-hour approval function.

The services offer a smooth transition from traditional, in-branch banking to online banking, with the removal of the hassle and time-consuming process of documents processing. Customers can also deploy their funds flexibly to meet the needs of their businesses, supporting 24/7 deposit and instant fund transfers.

Fusion Bank is also swaying its targets of attracting its customers towards financial inclusion and to expand themselves globally. The AI technology and cloud-based system, as well as the eKYC technology, help the bank improve the customer experience and provide a secure banking platform.

To promote the service, new customers will receive exemptions on account opening fees and remittance handling fees for six months. This marks a great addition to Fusion Bank's offerings to attract SMEs by reducing entry barriers to banking. 

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