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Yes Chef Profile Nobu Matsuhisa

Yes, Chef! Nobu Matsuhisa on Masterminding a Global Culinary Icon

We caught up with Chef Nobu to talk about his influences, Nobu HK, and his secret to maintaining top quality across all his restaurants around the world.
Best Christmas Meals in Hong Kong 2023

Christmas in Hong Kong: 2023 Menus & Dinners for Holiday Feasting

Celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong with a culinary adventure. From Pirata Group to Rosewood and The Regent, explore traditional and innovative Christmas meals.
Jasmine Yen on Launching Her Music Career and Having Superstar Genes

Jasmine Yen on Launching Her Music Career and Having Superstar Genes

The Beat Asia sat down with Jasmine Yen, daughter of action superstar Donnie Yen, to talk about her music career and the best advice she got from her parents.
Delish News New Restaurant Openings and New Menus this November 2023

Delish News: New Restaurant Openings and Menus this November 2023

From a Mexican fare pop-up to new Indian and Persian menus, this month brings gastronomic gems that will satisfy your cravings. Here are the hot new restos opening in Hong Kong this November.
BTS Yet to Come Disney Plus Asia

New Series, Movies in Nov. 2023: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Go, Amazon

November is filled with exciting new titles, from Disney Plus Christmas originals like "The Santa Clauses" and "The Naughty Nine," to Amazon Prime’s highly anticipated "BTS: Yet to Come" and "Invincible."
Yuan Restaurant Review Delish Eats

Delish Eats: Yuan, Reimagining Vegetarian Fine Dining in Hong Kong

The Beat Asia reviewed Yuan, a newly opened restaurant by Lubuds Group, reinventing vegetarian fine dining in Hong Kong, with a focus on Chinese cuisine.