Delish News: Restaurant Openings in Hong Kong March 2024
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Delish News: Restaurant Openings in Hong Kong this March 2024

New Restaurants in Hong Kong March 2024

While March 2024 in Hong Kong has been dubbed Art Month thanks to the city’s many coinciding events, the F&B scene remains bustling with a vibrant palette full of culinary delights and dining events that cater to every palate!

From the hidden speakeasy Corsican Stars in Causeway Bay, offering a unique cocktail experience with art collaborations, to the fusion flavours of Bambino on Peel Street, and the innovative skewer menu at SAVVY in Tsim Sha Tsui, there's something for everyone. This excitement extends to the DIY Korean ramyun at Noodle Bridge in North Point, and the anticipated opening of Flat Iron Burger on Elgin Street, showcasing prime beef blends.

Additionally, the Daily Tot raises the bar for International Women's Day with influential women from Asia's 50 Best list, while SOMM at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental collaborates with 1-Michelin-star Ryota Kappou Modern for a unique East Meets West dining series. Read on to get a taste of the city's biggest F&B news for the month!

New Restaurant Openings in Hong Kong March 2024

Immersive Experience at New Speakeasy Bar Corsican Stars

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024 Corsican

Tucked inside Mercury Recalls in Causeway Bay, Corsican Stars offers more than just cocktails; it promises an extraordinary spirit encounter. At Corsican Stars, the process of crafting cocktails is elevated to an art form, with each drink carrying its own captivating story. Collaborating with the local art team XCEPT, Corsican Stars creates an immersive experience that transcends time and space. To enter, guests must obtain a token, which allows them and two companions to step inside. Must-try cocktails include Gin-Lychee, Tequila and white bitter melon, and Brandy and Bonito Soup.

Where: Corsican Stars, Shop A, G/F, Fairview Mansion, 51 Paterson Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Bambino Opens on Peel Street

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024 Bambino

Nestled on Peel Street, Bambino beckons with a fusion of French and Italian culinary fare. From delectable starters such as Spinach and Ricotta Fritters to Cheese and Cold Cut platter and Beef Pappardelle, every dish blends flavours that captivate the palate. Every Friday night, Bambino transforms with the melodies of talented musicians, enveloping guests in an atmosphere pulsating with infectious music.

Where: Bambino, 59 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

Flat Iron Burger Redefines Buns-and-Patty Combo

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024 Flat Iron Burger

Set to open on March 11, Flat Iron Burger is the newest sensation on Elgin Street, poised to redefine how we eat our beloved buns-and-patty combo. Flat Iron Burger offers its signature blend of prime Black Angus or Wagyu beef, combining Rump, Brisket, and Chuck to create that umami taste. Sourced exclusively from Macka’s, an award-winning Queensland beef farm, these ingredients embody a commitment to sustainability and integrity.

Where: Flat Iron Burger, G/F, 27 & 29 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

DIY Ramen at Noodle Bridge in North Point

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024 Noodle Bridge

Positioning itself as the "first DIY Korean ramyun in Hong Kong," Noodle Bridge lets you customise your favourite companion amid the cold weather. Their concept is simple: choose your noodles, add-ons, and spice level. Then, cook your own noodles using the LAZO Korean instant ramen cooker, ensuring a piping hot, personalised bowl of comfort that suits your exact taste and craving. Choices for add-ons include scallions, raw egg, sliced cheese, cheese sausage, and luncheon meat. You can also order sides such as kimchi and dumplings.

Where: Noodle Bridge, Shop 2, Ngan Fai Building, 84-94 Wharf Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Menu Refreshes and F&B Events in Hong Kong March 2024

The Daily Tot: Raising the Bar for International Women’s Day in Central

Join Daily Tot in celebrating female excellence in the food and beverage industry on International Women's Day, starting with a panel that features the voices of influential women from the Asia's 50 Best list. Making an appearance are Charlene Dawes, Lola Lau, Bernice Tiu, Hazel Long, and Tiana Ludhani.

Following the inspirational talks, enjoy a sundown reception with rum cocktails and canapés, setting the perfect ambiance for camaraderie. The celebration continues at Daily Tot from 8 PM with a “6-Hands” guest shift that’s not to be missed!

#SOMMWinetoDine: Ryota Kappou Modern at Landmark Mandarin Oriental

SOMM, the Landmark Mandarin Oriental's esteemed French neo-bistro, is excited to unveil a captivating culinary collaboration with the 1-Michelin-star Ryota Kappou Modern, kicking off this year's #SOMMWinetoDine East Meets West series. This exclusive event features an extraordinary four-course and six-course degustation menu.

The evening begins with unique duo welcome bites, like the creative Homemade Karasumi Mochi and a sumptuous Beef tartare with Avocado, Aji Amarillo, and Quinoa. Menu highlights include Surf Clam Chawanmushi, and a Seared Scallop with Choy Sum. The culinary journey can be elevated with optional sake pairing, promising an unparalleled dining experience that blends the best of Eastern and Western culinary traditions.

SAVVY Launches A Whole New ‘World of Skewers’ Menu for Dining in Tsim Sha Tsui

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024 SAVVY

Introducing their new "Skewer World" menu, SAVVY promises a tantalising grilltop journey through Asia's rich flavours. This new menu focuses on grilled, skewered delicacies, featuring an array of dishes that pay homage to the diverse culinary traditions of the continent.

Highlights include the Tandoori Lamb Kebab served on Garlic Roti Prata, capturing the essence of Indian spices, Korean-style Chicken accompanied by kimchi, and Beef Strips and Mushroom paired with a Garlic Pesto Dip for a blend of robust flavours.

Where: SAVVY, 3209A, Level, Harbour City, GW, 3 Gateway Boulevard, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Delish Happenings You May Have Missed in March 2024

Fanatics with a penchant for candies and desserts have been living the sweet life this past month, with the back-to-back celebrations of Chinese New Year – traditionally a time for sharing sweets with family and friends, as distributed from a traditional “chuen hup” box – coinciding with the ever-so-chocolatey Valentine’s Day. Since we’re admittedly also partial to the finer (sugarier) things in life, we have put together this list of our favourite top-shelf chocolatiers and confectioners in Hong Kong to shop from.

For those who wish to still satisfy their sweet tooth, but who need to dial up the health and nutrition aspects a bit, the newly opened MAYA Bakery & Bar offers a healthy and fresh array of vegan and plant-based delights to give you your fill!

In fact, why not make an occasion out of the indulgence? Stanley’s neighbourhood Italian resto-cafe Pane e Latte have just dropped their first afternoon tea set, which blends their signature baked desserts with a mouthwatering selection of savoury bites to make a stylish, square meal out of the affair.

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024

It has to be said, adventurous eaters are in for a treat too this month! Frankenstein-ing together pizza pies that stun upon mention of their topping ingredients, Pizza Punk is Twins Kitchen’s latest venture into a daring F&B concept. Fusing together East-meets-West toppings and playing with divisive ingredients like “Fuyu” (fermented tofu) cream cheese and horseradish cream, these off-kilter pizzas are certainly causing a commotion.

If that’s not enough of an adrenaline rush, might we suggest taking a dip (literal) into the offerings at Groundswell? This new experience merges together tropical Indonesian fare by former Potato Head HK Chef, Heri Raharjo, and an exhilarating indoor surfing zone to turn up the dial on dining.

Still, nothing beats pumping up the adrenaline with some good ‘ole mala-spices. Fried chicken master and esteemed food journalist Susan Jung is joining hands with Chef Theign Phan at Grand Majestic Sichuan to pack a more than piquant punch as part of this exclusive menu that deliciously explores the numbing spices of Sichuan cuisine.

New Restaurants Hong Kong March 2024

At the end of a long day, revisiting a familiar favourite will do just the trick to cheer you up through your belly.

Expanding their reach to provide delectable steaks, pizzas, and pastas to more people, the much-loved steakhouse Feather & Bone have opened up their latest branch in the lovely neighbourhood of Clearwater Bay. While over on the island side in Causeway Bay (not to confuse the two), Taiwanese cocktail bar Draft Land has brought their taps and snacks to Tang Lung Street.

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