Thai Gov’t OKs Drought Measures, Gears Up for Dry Season


Thai Gov't OKs Measures in Preparation for Drought Amid Dry Season

The Thai government has approved measures in preparation for drought during the dry season this end of year and early 2023, according to a press release by the Royal Thai Government on Tuesday. The dry season in Thailand usually begins in November and can last through March.

The Cabinet has greenlit the proposal of the National Water Resource Board (NWRB), which stipulates three areas of implementation: supply, demand, and management. These three dimensions comprise 10 measures in total, said Deputy Government Spokesperson Tipanan Sirichana.

Three measures were outlined under supply, namely the acceleration of water storage from all sources; acquiring and monitoring sources of water reserves; and operation of rainmaking and water filling for water sources in areas at risk of drought.

Under demand, the plan called for management of water allocation and crop planting areas during the dry season; enhancement of water usage efficiency in the agricultural sector; preparation of water reserves for lowland areas designated for aqua culture; and monitoring water quality in rivers and other water sources in the industrial and agricultural sectors, as well as communities.

Lastly, under management, the plan underscored the reinforcement of water management in areas at risk of drought; raising awareness of water saving across all sectors; and monitoring and evaluation of the plan to make sure it is carried out properly.

Sirichana added the Office of National Water Resources will cooperate with other agencies to prepare for the dry season, which includes the repair and enhancement of groundwater wells, hydraulic structures, and more.

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