How to Sell Your Shoes Online: Resellers Guide for Beginners


Online Shoe Resellers to Give Your Kicks a Second Life

Despite the oversaturation of today’s online space brimming with easy and convenient platforms to unload your once-prized footwear, there are a few standouts in the game that make for trusted linkups that’ll guarantee your sneakers will continue to be loved in their new home.

Regardless of model or brands – whether you are waving goodbye to a pair of Air Jordans, Adidas Superstars, or New Balances – these sites put quality above creed. Just as you clear out your shoe cabinet for a refresh, check out these verifiable online shoe and sneaker resellers to take in your pre-loved kicks at honest prices.


An explanatory moniker, StockX functions as a sort of stock market between buyers and sellers of sneakers, pairing willing traders through prices they’ve set. Founded by Dan Gilbert and Josh Luber (formerly of Camper, a database site of sneaker pricing), the Detroit-originated startup has grown to now operate in over 200 nations around the world, with authentication centres dedicated to ensuring you are getting a bona fide bang for your buck. Outside of shoes, the site also sells clothing, electronics, collectibles, and accessories.

Both buying and selling consist of a three-step process. The former begins with the shopper placing a bid or buying from stock, then waiting for verification from the StockX team, before the items are shipped over. Sellers can place an ask or list something for sale, which they will need to ship to StockX, before getting their transaction verified and receiving payment. Operating as a sort of market middleman, StockX allows transparent trading with the assurance of genuine goods verified by experts.

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Stadium Goods

Stepping onto the block as a physical consignment shop in New York City when it first began, Stadium Goods has now evolved into an extensive, cross-country giant backed by international partners like LVMH and Tmall in China. The site was also scooped up for purchase by upscale fashion retail platform Farfetch back in 2018. First created by John McPheters and Jed Stiller, both founders were names formerly attached to famed sneaker reseller Flight Club.

Dealing in the premium range, the curators behind Stadium Goods demonstrate their adroitness in finding models that stick, and finesse when it comes to shoes that have lasting or significant impact on style and culture. True as it may be, the average Stadium Goods consignment price mark begins higher than many others on the scene (at 20%!), but their repertoire of super rare authentic models, standardized quality checks, and rumoured underground vault of hard-to-acquire shoes worth over US$20 million are surely enough reason to join the community.

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A European-based reseller of sneakers along with streetwear and accessories, the KLEKT marketplace functions like a physical authenticator and mediator that specializes in deadstock items. First conceived in 2013, then later partnering with British consignment store Presented By in 2017, the KLEKT platform allows smooth operations between sellers, buyers, and the company’s authentication centres in Cologne and London. Since there is a huge emphasis on deadstocks or models that are no longer in circulation, expect to cop some pretty unique European drops.

Sales are to be handled within 48-hours of an item being purchased, with sellers dropping off items or having them picked up by DHL. Prices being listed are shown to the vending side as a “payout price”, which equals the exact amount they will receive from the sale, point blank with no hidden admin fees. While shoppers, on the other side, only pay the price of the item in full, without added delivery or handling fees after shaking on the transaction.

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Kicks Crew

Kicks Crew is the ultimate destination for sneaker enthusiasts. Founded in 2008 by a crew of like-minded individuals, their aim was to make sneakers accessible to everyone - regardless of brand, price, style, size, and function. With over a decade of experience, Kicks Crew has become a hub for a growing community of creators, curators, and consumers. Whether you're looking for deadstock OGs, the latest collaborations, or a general release not available in your size, you'll find it here.

The Hong Kong-founded platform sees itself as not only a marketplace, but also a sneaker culture hub that transcends borders. Working together with a network of authorized retailers, verifiers at the headquarters diligently comb through the items from inside the box and out to ensure top-shelf quality. The Kicks Crew platform is one of the most trusted and seamless digital marketplaces for sneakers, apparel, and accessories, offering over 400,000 unique styles online.

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GOAT Group, the leading platform for genuine sneakers, apparel and accessories, is a leading global community for shoe and fashion reselling with over 50 million members across 170 countries. Since its founding in 2015 by Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, GOAT has bridged the gap between the online retail and resale market for sneakers and apparel, ensuring that sellers get paid, and buyers receive authentic products.

The app and website-based platform acts as the intermediary between buyers and sellers of rare and luxury sneakers, authenticating the shoes and facilitating the transfer of funds. Sellers apply to be sellers, upload photos, and set an asking price, while buyers can bid or pay the seller's asking price for their desired pair. Once the buyer's bid matches the seller's ask, GOAT verifies the shoes' authenticity and quality, and ships them to the buyer, while the seller gets paid by GOAT.

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Founded in 2013 by Arun Gupta, Grailed is seen as the ultimate platform for all menswear needs. It is a curated resale marketplace that allows buyers and sellers to connect and agree on everything, including those pesky shipping costs. Grailed's digital authentication process and partnership with PayPal and Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri also ensures that buyers are protected.

This has allowed users like Ali Azizi to make over US$1 million in transactions, becoming the first seller on the platform to do so. The platform has connected millions of fashion enthusiasts and casual fans alike, making Grailed one of the largest peer-to-peer marketplaces for resale fashion. Grailed is not just a platform, but a strong global community that empowers our users to take control of fashion commerce.

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