Get the Look: Lee Hyori Makeup from Y2K Kpop Makeup Trend
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TikTok Brings Back Y2K Asian Makeup with Lee Hyori-inspired Looks

Tik Tok Brings Back Y2 K Asian Makeup with Lee Hyori inspired Looks header

The revival of the gaudy Y2K era that has had the fashion and Internet trend ecosystem in a chokehold over the past couple of years, has left no corner unturned, casting a strange charm over zany styles that some would prefer to forget, and turning divisive outfit combinations into coveted trends.

A recent emergence is the Y2K Asian makeup trend, with the explosion of transition videos and tutorials on TikTok and Instagram largely set to the instantly recognizable 2003 jam, ‘10 Minutes’ by first-gen K-pop and R&B princess Lee Hyori, paying tribute to the queen behind this look with her breakout hit.

Miss Hyolee (alternate spelling of Hyori) was widely copied for her boundary-breaking sex appeal and signature style, so much so that many today have credited ‘Hyori Syndrome’ as a huge impact on K-pop idols and K-fashion today.

The girl who was the blueprint of Korean beauty in the 2000s, the Lee Hyori starter pack ties together her glowing tan – a unique feature amidst a celebrity culture that tended towards pale and fair skin – subtle matte foundation, natural-toned gloss, and sparkly smoky eye.

It’s a look that’s easily achievable with drugstore makeup, and its simplicity aligns with the minimalism of mainstream 2020s makeup aesthetics (arguably serving as a glam version the ‘clean girl’ look that's tailored to suit Asian features), which perhaps explains the sudden boom of interest that goes with the familiar sound of “Just want 10 minutes...”!

Looking at the key components that make up Lee Hyori’s signature makeup, here’s a few tips on how to nail the basics and get her look.

Keep to a ‘Barely There’ Base

lee hyori 10 minutes tiktok makeup trend foundation
Youtube/Đạt Trịnh Tất

To maintain a lightweight foundation layer for your skin, opt to apply your base using cushion before applying minimal dots of concealer wherever needed, and patting everything matte with loose powder. There should be no dramatic contouring, as the look is one that emphasizes full, radiant, and cutesy features.

Light Colours for The Eyes

lee hyori 10 minutes tiktok makeup trend eyeshadow
Album Artwork/Stylish...E

Avoid filling your brows too starkly, only fluffing and shaping them to keep to your natural shape. Stick to white, tans, and light browns as your light-coloured base, followed by light greys for more intensity when you blend out the shape for a smoky eye. A tip is to use shimmery metallics for the inner corners of your eye for an extra pop.

Eyeliner is entirely optional, but you can opt to subtly flick out a tiny wing against the corner of your upper lid using a thin fine angled brush and eyeshadow.

A Swipe of Gloss

lee hyori 10 minutes tiktok makeup trend lip gloss

One final touch to add a little sparkle to a look that relies on soft features, and to emphasize your natural glow, use a bit of lip gloss to seal the deal. Avoid unnatural or strong colours, sticking to a natural baby pink, rosy shades that aren’t too prominent, or even clear gloss.

Bonus tip: Use a mini dab of cheek tint or cream blush instead of powder!

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