Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 Collab Announced


Stone Island x New Balance Return with a Teaser for 991v2 Collab

Italian sports brand Stone Island and American footwear label New Balance join forces again, hinting at another sneaker masterpiece after their debut of the FuelCell C_1 earlier this year. This time, it's not just a new design but a transformation of an old classic: the New Balance 991.

Aiming to redefine its legacy, the brands are introducing the world's first ‘991v2’. As of now, much about its design remains veiled in mystery, save for a tantalizingly blurry peek at its outsole. The release of the Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 marks the two’s fifth collaborative endeavour.

A look back at their creative journey since their 2013 collaboration shows that the duo has been nothing short of prolific. Noteworthy mentions include the RC ELITE SI, born from the artistic minds at the Tokyo Design Studio in 2021, the FuelCell RC Elite V2, the timeless 574 Legacy, and a special edition camouflaged football boot and kit collection that graced 2022.

Still, release dates, pricing, and an inside look into the design of the Stone Island x New Balance 991v2 currently remain under wraps. Stay tuned for announcements.

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