EDB Updates Schools’ Vaccine Requirements

EDB Updates Vaccine Requirements for Face-to-face Classes

The Education Bureau (EDB) has postponed the vaccination requirements in schools as part of the latest face-to-face class arrangements issued to all schools on Oct. 25.

This change in vaccine requirements has delayed the initial 90% threshold of three vaccine doses in secondary schools, announced on Aug. 30, from Nov. 1 to Feb. 1. Meanwhile, primary schools that meet the required vaccination rate may apply for full day face-to-face classes starting Dec. 1.

“At present, schools as a whole will continue half-day face-to-face classes until further notice. Considering that those secondary schools which have currently resumed whole-day face-to-face classes may need more time to increase the vaccination rates, the schools also expect to continue the whole-day face-to-face class arrangements until the new vaccination requirements are met, the EDB will suspend the new vaccination requirements which were planned to be implemented in secondary schools,” an EDB spokesperson was quoted as saying.

“In addition, in order to allow primary students to gradually resume normal learning and activity so as to address their learning, social, physical and mental needs, individual primary schools meeting the required vaccination rates may apply for whole-day face-to-face classes.”

The current arrangements for full day face-to-face classes vary for secondary and primary schools.

For secondary schools, in-person classes can be held if at least 90% of students in the school or cohort have already received two vaccine doses for more than 14 days. This will be the current arrangement until Jan. 1, 2023, after which 90% of students must reach three vaccine doses.

For primary schools, 70% of students in the school or cohort must have received two doses of the vaccine for more than 14 days to apply for full-day in-person classes starting Dec. 1.

Primary students who have already completed at least two vaccine doses may stay at school after the half-day for extra-curricular activities starting Oct. 25.

Daily rapid antigen tests for teachers and students will continue until further notice.

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