“A Date With Dogs” Event for Pet-friendly Fun This October

Student-Led “A Date With Dogs” Multi-Arts Event Opens on Oct. 28

Bring your pet along to “A Date With Dogs,” a multi-arts event for dogs and their humans this October. This interactive arts event will be held from Oct. 28-30 at the memorial lawn of Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park, featuring public performances that showcase the works of young people participating in the Leisure & Cultural Services Department’s (LCSD) General Education in Arts Programme for Tertiary Students.

These performances will run from 2 PM to 8:45 PM each day for the enjoyment of citizens and their dogs. Visitors will also enjoy other interactive installations such as a ball pit and slides. In the evenings, music events using the installation will be presented by participating students, musicians, and dancers.

“A Date with Dogs” is produced by Make a Difference, where 30 tertiary students from different faculties who have joined workshops and in-situ trials over the past year have banded together to create interactive installations and sound compositions.

The LCSD has been organising the General Education in Arts Programme for Tertiary Students since 2014-2015, allowing students to learn and experience the performing arts under professional guidance and create their own artistic works.

After the October performances, the installations will be exhibited in East Coast Park Phase 1, Kai Tak Station Square and Tsuen Wan Park in November and December.

Find out more about registration here.

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