Where to Get the Best Reuben Sandwiches in Hong Kong

Where to Get the Best Reuben Sandwiches in Hong Kong

You could describe New York and Hong Kong as the pearls of the West and East, respectively, with the imported flavours of Hong Kong’s cha chaan tengs and dai pai dongs found in Manhattan and the dollar slice pizzas and bagels sourced locally in Central here.

The Reuben sandwich – a grilled rye bread sandwich composed of corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Russian dressing – synonymous with the hyperlocal New York cuisine, can be loved and appreciated by F&B veterans in Asia’s World City, too. Here, we tell you how to find the best Reuben sandwiches to munch on in Hong Kong.

Fat Chad’s

This Sai Ying Pun East Coast-inspired hole-in-the-wall deli serves up one of Hong Kong’s most photogenic Reuben’s (150g meat, HK$95), piled high with in-house corned beef brisket oozing with salt and umami, house kraut heightening sour tones, slices of Swiss cheese that control the powerful salty flavours with texture and structure, Russian dressing, and sourdough.

Fat Chad’s keeps in with the tradition of the classic kosher-deli styled sandwich, that does not break the bank and keeps you full for hours after.

Location: Shop D, 119B Second St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong


All meats sold at Morty’s, Hong Kong’s go-to delicatessen for a classic Manhattan dining experience since 2016, are smoked in-house and cured using family recipes passed down by “Morty’s great grandfather.”

No better is their Reuben sandwich (HK$135), a topped sky-high sandwich with a fist-size worth of buttery and salty pastrami meat, paired with an in-house- made thousand islands dressing and topped on house rye.

Central location: Morty's, Shop 2-14, LG/F, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong

Wanchai location: Morty's, Shop 8-10 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Sour Dough

Chef Dubois’ latest bready concept in Wan Chai, at the foot of Starstreet Precinct, does not disappoint with its smoky, juicy, and affordable Pastrami Sauerkraut (HK$67), a traditional Reuben recipe packed into a sourdough, but with sweet dill pickles and Emmenthal cheese.

This Reuben – sans the official name – is herby and smoky with a heat-pressed white sourdough rye sandwich structure and cured pastrami slices with mustard seed, rosemary, and white pepper. The sourness from the sauerkraut and pickles will satisfy the salt-tooth in all of us.

Location: Shop No. 2-3, G/F, Keen Hung Commercial Bldg, 80 Queen’s Rd East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Mendel's Deli

A newcomer to Hong Kong’s F&B scene, launching in mid-April 2022 with support from cousins of the Shady Acres empire, Mendel’s Deli imports what New York does best in its culinary art: silky eggs, cream cheese and bagels, seltzer drinks, and of course, the Reuben (HK$95).

The cooks at Mendel’s, situated on K Town’s hip Catchick Street, construct a classic pastrami deli sando with the necessary accoutrements. Biting into the Reuben gives off nutty, buttery, and tangy flavours. We love the sauerkraut which boasts of a sweet-sour combo.

Location: 66-68 Catchick St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Chubby Papas Deli

Chubby is yet the newest sandwich-specific deli to open up on the east fringe side of Kennedy Town, boasting a healthy sando selection including buffalo chicken grilled cheese, Philly cheesesteak, and the juicy Reuben (HK$130) made traditionally.

The recipe includes thin, juicy layers of corned beef and pastrami, Swiss cheese that is saltier than usual (a real plus), a Russian dressing that tastes of pickled cucumbers, paprika, and pepper, sandwiched between a toasty rye bread with soft insides.

Location: Shop 29, Hoi Tao Building, G/F, 7-11 Belcher's St, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong 

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