Italian Week Hong Kong 2023 | Pici Takes Center Stage


Pici Joins Italian Week Hong Kong 2023: Authentic Pasta Across the 852

The gastronomic extravaganza, Italian Week Hong Kong 2023, warmly welcomes Pici, Hong Kong's cherished neighbourhood pasta bar. With Pici announcing its participation across all nine local outlets, the spirit of Italy is set to reach every corner of Hong Kong during this city-wide celebration.

Pici was launched six years ago in Wan Chai by the Pirata Group, one of Hong Kong's most innovative restaurant groups. Pici's unique concept of offering freshly hand-rolled pasta, deeply rooted in authentic Italian traditions, quickly captivated the taste buds of Hong Kong’s discerning diners. Today, Pici has expanded to nine outlets in Hong Kong and one in Shanghai, each bearing testament to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality dining, Italian authenticity, and remarkable value.

Corporate Chef Davide Borin of Pirata Group
Photo/Pirata Group

Driving Pici’s culinary repertoire is Corporate Chef Davide Borin. Raised in Treviso, Italy, Davide's culinary journey was nurtured within a family-run restaurant. This unique upbringing, intertwined with international experience in Italy and Dubai, has allowed him to instill a sense of integrity and honesty in Pici’s kitchens. Every dish he curates respects traditional techniques, while simultaneously introducing an innovative spin, keeping diners eager for the next bite.

As Pici gears up to participate in Italian Week Hong Kong 2023, food enthusiasts citywide are invited to join this grand celebration of Italian cuisine. Every Pici outlet, from Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui, Shatin, Lai Chi Kok, and Kennedy Town, promises to provide a taste of Italy's vibrant culinary heritage.

Prepare for an unforgettable journey into the heart of Italy's gastronomic richness, right here in Hong Kong. For more information about Pici and its various locations, visit Pici's website, and check out for menus and availability.

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