Black Sheep to Host Earthquake Fundraising Dinner on Feb. 20

Black Sheep Hosting Turkey-Syria Earthquake Fundraising Dinner on Feb. 20

In support of raising funds for relief in Turkey and Syria after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit both countries on Feb. 6, Black Sheep will host a fundraiser on Feb. 20 to support recovery of communities hit hard by the natural disaster at the group’s Team Canteen.

Chefs Teya Mikhael of Maison Libanaise, along with Chef Palash Mitra of New Punjab Club and Rajasthan Rifles will join hands for a one-off dinner at Black Sheep’s Team Canteen in efforts to raise HK$50,000 for relief efforts in the region.

Opening to the public for the first time, the Team Canteen invites guests to enjoy a three-course warm meal blending flavours of Middle East-inspired cuisine for a suggested donation of HK$500 per guest.

Starters include Shorbat Tarbiya and Tabliyet Mezza, served with ramazan bread, a selection of Beef Manti or Feta & Spanish Manti for mains, and house-made Baklava for dessert.

"While only a drop in the bucket, it is a concrete first step towards making an impact. For those at Black Sheep that call the region home, it is an opportunity to take action on the ground in Hong Kong that will have a real-world impact on their communities back in Turkey and Syria,” a spokesperson for Black Sheep said.

“With aid in the region under scrutiny, millions of survivors struggling to find food and shelter from the bitter cold and the death toll rising as Emergency Responders continue rescue efforts, every donation as some 26 million people across the two regions look for assistance counts.”

Follow Black Sheep on social media @blacksheeprestaurants to hear news on how to donate funds to support relief efforts in Turkey and Syria.

When: Feb. 20

Where: Black Sheep Team Canteen, 1/F, 22 Staunton Street, SoHo, Hong Kong

How much: HK$500 per guest (suggested donation)

Click here to see how else you can donate.

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