Twins Kitchen Caleb & Josh Ng | The Delish Guestlist Podcast


Caleb and Josh Ng of Twins Kitchen's Chat with The Delish Guestlist Podcast

Caleb and Josh Ng are the twin brothers and founders of Twins Kitchen, a Hong Kong-based food & beverage consultancy and creative firm, supporting a wide range of restaurants and bars in the city; and the group behind Common Ground Café, Vivant Restaurant, INTERVAL dining chain and Café Leitz.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, the twins sojourned to the West Coast USA for studies at University of California, Los Angeles to study business and investment banking. However, a lust for natural wine, home-cooking, and hospitality inspired the duo to return to Hong Kong more than a decade ago to create a restaurant group that puts warm recipes and smiles first. 

Tune into the voices and stories of Caleb and Josh Ng as they recount a decade-long tale of how they built Twins Kitchen, conceptualising and building some of Hong Kong’s most defining diners, eateries, and drinking dens!

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