‘Bucketverse VR’ is KFC HK’s New Fried Chicken Themed Game


KFC Hong Kong’s “Bucketverse VR”: A Crispy, Virtual, Gaming Experience

Just when we thought KFC’s innovative ideas couldn’t get any crunchier, KFC Hong Kong and Edelman Hong Kong have once again teamed up to introduce “Bucketverse VR”, a unique gaming experience. This VR initiative is part of the brand’s “Indulge in a Krispy Break” campaign, aimed at providing Hong Kong citizens with a fun escape from their daily routine.

The campaign, which will run throughout Hong Kong this month, features an immersive VR Booth at Hysan Place, Causeway Bay. Designed to imitate a giant KFC bucket, the booth transports users to a virtual world inspired by the city of Hong Kong. The game offers stress relief in a fun, playful manner, letting participants catch as much virtual fried chicken as possible.

The “Bucketverse RV” follows the successful launch of the KFC Brainwave Bucket last year.

The brainwave-sensing helmet built into the iconic KFC bucket allowed users to receive real-time biofeedback on their brain activity, encouraging them to relax and enjoy their Finger Lickin’ Food chicken. The brand continues to use technology to reinforce its promise of providing a much-deserved break to its customers, showing that KFC is here for more than just fried chicken.

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