Winter Wishlist: Your Best Guide to Christmas Gifts 2022
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Winter Wishlist: The Beat Asia’s Guide to Christmas Gifts 2022

HK Xmas gift guide header Photo by Acqua di Parma

Do you hear the sleigh bells jing-a-ling-ing? Have you begun to catch onto the whiff of spices and gingerbread bakes wafting through the air? As the festive season approaches, we are all surely looking forward to spending time with our loved ones and friends, celebrating the ups and downs of the year that’s passed with a thoughtful memento to represent 2022. Here are our favourite picks of thoughtful gifts to satisfy any interests.

Beauty & Wellness

Holiday Lip Beauty from Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty
Fenty Beauty

Though she has yet to grace us with an album drop, Rihanna has released a stunning line of holiday shades that are packing in gorgeous new berry tones in both her signature glimmering Gloss Bomb style and as a matte. Get your hands on the Glossy Posse Volume 5.0 Set (HK$330) for a range of shimmering berry in the shade of Fuschia Flex, in addition to the classic rose sheer of Fenty Glow, and the duty pink of Cupcakin.

Perfect for any party look or simply just to ward off the frosty weather, the limited-edition metallics of pink berry Loud Speak’r (HK$185), sangria toned Rowdy Roadie (HK$185), and pomegranate Crowd Surf’r (HK$185) are all part of the Holiday Edition Semi Matte Refillable collection embedded with nourishing hyaluronic acid along with vitamin C and E. For a stocking stuffer, the Lil Icons: Mini Semi-Matte Lipstick Holiday Set (HK$218) is the do-it-all duo of lipsticks for both the everyday and the special celebrations.

Where to buy: Sephora, Harvey Nichols

Home Aromatics from Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma
Acqua di Parma

Coinciding with a celebration of their latest brick-and-mortar store launch in Hong Kong, Acqua di Parma are ringing in festivities with a spectacularly themed series of holiday items. Their Advent Calendar (HK$4,650) grants the ultimate journey into the brand’s most iconic scents and formulations, with up to 25 windows of surprise gifts that await behind marbled gold doors. With their latest products like the Magia del Camino and Bosco candles, as well as their most iconic, this assortment is a stunning one indeed.

There is also the mood-setting Festive Home Fragrances (starting from HK$750) series that showcase some whimsical candle and diffuser choices that will transport you straight to the streets of Italy, plus the lovingly boxed up Holiday Gift Sets (starting from HK$1,010) that will glow as the highlight under the Christmas tree.

Where to buy: Acqua di Parma, multiple locations across Hong Kong

Mask Proof Lip Essentials from Natasha Moor Cosmetics

Natasha Moor Cosmetics

Stepping into almost year three of being glued to our masks, Natasha Moor Cosmetics is bursting through the gloom to say that we’ve had enough of holding back! Easily slipped into a purse of any size, the Powerhouse Classic Collection (HK$248) is your answer to the call for mask-proof beauty. These gorgeous rose and red shades are formulated to last, while offering luscious nourishment and a smooth feel.

Simply just knowing that your look is done up with a bright, glam lip is a surprising mood booster, no matter if it is shrouded from the world out in public! Each named after a strong word of manifestation, swipe these lippies on with your new year’s hopes and wishes in mind for a perk me up that has you feeling great on the outside and inside as well.

Where to buy: Sephora


Spark Jam from A Spark of Madness

A Spark of Madness
Facebook/A Spark of Madness

Crafted by local artisanal gastronome Simran Savlani, these one-of-a-kind sauces are seriously multifaceted in flavour, bringing an eclectic mix of fruity fragrance along with dashes of spice. Starring Spark Alcoholic Jams (HK$330 per set) as your next pantry staple. Add some vibrance to your next dinner party and tuck into the tropical Pineapple Jam with Whisky (HK$110), some Peach Jam with Tequila (HK$110), or even the fiery Pink Guava Jam with Gin (HK$110) laced with bird’s eye chilli.

Slip them into a highball with your liquor of choice and some soda for an unforgettable welcoming drink. You can even spread the love across to use on a charcuterie board, to elevate grilled cheeses, in marinades for grilling, or even as a salad dressing!

Where to buy: A Spark of Madness

Christmas Confectionery from Date by Tate

Date by Tate
Website/Date by Tate

If you’re someone with a sweet tooth, now’s exactly the time to go all out. Reach for the finest treats from Date by Tate, with their selection of artisanal bites that are equally as delightful to enjoy as they are to dole out as a gift. From the themed Ode to Chocolate Tea Set (HK$548) that’s sure to appeal to any cake and dessert lover, to the light and airy White Truffle Honey Pear Tart (HK$500), to the adorable parcels of crowd-pleasing Christmas Financiers (HK$34 each), each item has been designed to impress visually as well as in taste. Check out their full line of Christmas-inspired goodies here, with additional accessories for the ultimate festive cheer.

Where to buy: Date by Tate

Location: Date by Tate, 210 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong



‘Tis the season to get sipping, and wine curators Yatbui is here to raise a glass to that sentiment. Offering a series of interesting wines from lesser known backgrounds, alongside some seriously cool liquors and spirits from all over the world, this is the one-stop-shop for tipples that make for some seriously cool presents.

Big families will thank the stars for the unending free flow of varieties in the Bang for Buck (HK$1,100) pack that they can pass around, with six bottles that have made their way over from Italy and Australia. For the sophisticates we recommend the Neo-Classics (HK$780) while those who like their natural wines can pour one out from the Wild Things (HK$780) pack.

Where to buy: Yatbui

Use code THEBEAT10 for a 10% discount

Family and Home


Milu Milu
Milu Milu

Family conscious, sustainable fashion and lifestyle brand, MiliMilu, has come out with a gorgeous Christmas collection for the whole family. With the children’s designs personally picked out by founder Linda Morrison’s children, there’s absolutely no stress or worry about fussy toddlers and picky children turning their noses up at these adorable prints.

Pick up the Kid’s Christmas Shirt (HK$280) or the Baby Christmas Body-Longsleeve (HK$260), checked with cute gingerbread men and candy canes for your children. While you’re at it, why not get the whole matching set with Mom and Dad with the Men’s Christmas T-Shirt (HK$380) and the Women’s Christmas T-Shirt (HK$380) that you can wear at every Christmas that follows? MiliMilu’s chic and stylish garments also include the Recycled Cashmere Woman Jumper in Petal (HK1,200), Merino Wool Girl in Libra (HK$810), and many more articles that will last you a lifetime.

Where to buy: MiliMilu

Globber Scooters

Globber Scooters
Globber Scooters

There comes a time when all kids (and adults) want to whiz around kicking up one leg in the air as they hit the ground gliding around in a scooter. Globber Scooter knows this well and has come in clutch this Christmas with their many sustainable scooter series for your personal scooter needs.

Grab the height adjustable FLOW FOLDABLE 125 (HK$699) for a long-lasting sweet ride for your kids if they’re starting to get the scooter itch – it’s a real thing. Compact and easy to travel with, the foldable scooter range is the perfect gift to keep your kids entertained for years. If you’re also missing out on the whimsy of scootering, why not pick up a ONE NL 205 DELUXE (HK$1,299) for yourself this Christmas to join in on the fun!

Where to buy: Globber Scooters

Arts & Hobbies

Lion Rock Press

Lion Rock Press
Lion Rock Press

Lion Rock Press has cut away at all the fluff that overwhelms any gift shopper, novice or amateur, by collating a comprehensive selection of gifts for you, your spouse, and your kids, so that you can head into the new year feeling festive.

From the Hong Kong Alphabet Puzzle (HK$ 190) for toddlers and babies, to Hong Kong Wildlife Bingo (HK$ 250) for under tens, and Crochet Yum Cha Plushies (HK$250) for tweens and teens, Lion Rock Press knows how to entertain your children. You can also get mom and dad gifts, such as the 3-Piece Hanging Christmas Decoration Set (HK$320) enjoyed with the whole family, an Eco Tumbler (HK$110) for the parent who needs a coffee in hand, or a Hand Poured Soy Wax Zodiac Candle (HK$320) for the parent who loves artisan goods for the household.

Where to buy: Lion Rock Press

Hong Kong Art Centre

Hong Kong Arts Centre
Hong Kong Arts Centre

Celebrate local creatives and pick something up for the art lover in your life at the Hong Kong Art Centre - where cute handmade knick knacks, traditional teas, ceramics, graphic posters, artworks, comics, and reconstructed furniture are just a few of the unique ‘one-of-a-kind' articles you can choose from.

Start perusing through their online catalogue or visit their popup store and we think you’ll find something you didn’t even know you were looking for. Perhaps you’d like to play a Hong Kong original card game centered around hot pot; making DAAIDAABINLO (HK329) just the game for you. Have a friend that gets a little too messy in the kitchen when they cook? Try an illustrated apron on for size with Luis Chan’s East-meets-West Apron (HK$220).

Where to buy: Hong Kong Art Centre

Treat Yourself

Courvoisier Cognac

Courvoisier Cognac

Swish and swallow the French spirit of joie de vivre with Courvoisier Cognac this holiday season, because who doesn’t like getting a little buzzed on a fine cognac? Courvoisier lends itself well to festive cocktails for the person who loves to host big soirees, bringing a much-needed elegance to a French Twist.

Pick up a bottle of Courvoisier X.O. (HK$1,678) for yourself, a friend, or a family member that has an appreciation for velvety cognacs. Based on the generous and sophisticated house style and commitment to the Courvoiser House, the X.O in particular has a beautifully matured aroma, aged 11 to 25 years and is intensely flavourful, laced with hints of crème brulee and candied orange – if you’re stuck choosing.

Where to buy: Jebsen Wines and Spirits

Caviar King

Caviar King

Once reserved for esteemed members of royalty, this deservedly prized delicacy is the perfect briney holiday table-spread to kick off your Christmas. This year, Caviar King is partnering up with renowned brewery Dassai to curate two special luxury gift boxes for the discerning connoisseur.

The Prestige Experience (HK$3,680) includes one bottle of Dassai’s Heavensake Junmai Daiginjo, Siberian Sturgeon Caviar, Premium Hybrid Caviar, and the exclusive Premium Ostrera Caviar – which takes 18 to 20 years to harvest.

The Delightful Experience (HK$2,380) includes Siberian Sturgeon Caviar and Premium Osetra Caviar along with a bottle of Dassai’s Heavensake Junmai Daiginjo.

Where to buy: Caviar King



Tickle your festive palate with a mix and match of Asia’s finest flavours and party essentials to host an unforgettable holiday soiree with Vermillion’s Holiday Hampers. In collaboration with TOASST and other carefully chosen brands, Vermillion brings you three festive gift baskets of varied size for your specific needs.

The cheerful Small Holiday Hamper (HK$992) includes delicious treats from brands such as BLOMSTRE, Or Tea?, BEAMS COLLECTIVE, Frederic Blondeel, Spark of Madness, and PIN Cookies.

Going one step above, the Medium Holiday Hamper (HK$1,800) includes all the goodies from the small gift set, with additional presents from brands such as SAICHO, Plantation, and Camel.

Last but not least, the Large Holiday Hamper (HK$2,987) transforms you into a luxurious dinner host with once-in-a-lifetime delicatessen essentials from brands such as Aurum, TTOASST, REIGH, and NestBloom. You can expect sought-after wines from the Helan Mountain, Edible Gold, Abalone from South Africa, Truffle Candied Pecan, and Red Ginseng Birds Nest Bloom.

Where to buy: Vermillion

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