The Beat Asia Horoscope Reading: October 2022


The Beat Hong Kong’s Horoscope Guide: Your Playbook for October 2022

Pesky Mercury in retrograde has finally ended! Unravelling the miscommunications that came as an aftermath of the period prior, incoming planetary movements are shifting the mood to one of inner questioning and deeper exploration of connections. As Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and aesthetic pleasures, dances across the skies, it’s time to hold your loved ones closer and enjoy the rose-tinted air together.

With the Plutonic Scorpio season incoming plus Saturn snapping onto tracks, contrasting against flare ups from the Mars retrograde on Oct. 30, the latter half of the month will bring tensions in sticking to self-regulated order and external pressures making it difficult.

Find your sun sign below to read up on what the stars have in store for you over the cycle of this month!

Libra: September 23 to October 22

Balance is key for Libras, as the scales are all about maintaining an equilibrium. The new moon that has just passed Libra during the end of last month turns full in Aries on Oct. 9, urging you to reflect on the sense of push-and-pull, give-and-take, and harmony in your important relationships.

This is especially key during a month of buzzing social connections (it is your birthday month after all!) and community that arises when the felicity-seeking Venus transits in Libra. If someone leaves you feeling toppled up and over the edge, rather than grounded and centred, then it’s time to think about levelling out with some boundaries. On the other hand, this time of inquisition may also lead to the deepening of bonds that make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Scorpio: October 23 to November 21

A secretive sign, Scorpios are no strangers to keeping things hush. Doled the same dish by others, it’s now your turn to pay attention to how there might be something bubbling aside from what’s been presented on the surface. Don’t immediately assume conflict though, as what needs to be unpacked isn’t necessarily bad news.

When it comes to communicating your way through walls, Mercury in Libra is exactly the time to do it. While the planet of communication transits through Oct. 10 to 29, loosen up and open up to discussions that are based on a calm exchange of thoughts and energies, and finding that balance.

Sagittarius: November 22 to December 21

Libra season’s emphasis on building connections translates into the process of team projects and collective ideas for the always-active Sagittarius. Surrounded by your tribe, you are taking full opportunity of the time to collaborate with like-minded folk on opportunities that lend to channelling your self-expression or shining light on what you find important.

Slight social burnout might come in the form of Venus entering Scorpio on Oct. 23, causing you to return to your homebase and re-prioritise your healing from charging headfirst forward. The Solar Eclipse on Oct. 25 may lend to a dreamy yet emo cloud of introspection into your internal psychic wellbeing that sets the tone for the months to come all the way through to December.

Capricorn: December 22 to January 19

A powerful month in your career, the movement of the Full Moon in Aries, the realignment of Mercury onto a direct pathway, and the Direct Saturn movement on Oct. 23 all point to greater traction on your movement forward. This comes as a waterfall-like relief following the period of blockage brought upon by the boulder of Mercury in retrograde.

You may be getting ahead, however, don’t get stuck in your lone wolf ways. It might not come naturally to your hardened, pragmatic ways but take a deep breath back and grant those who are heading towards the same purpose as yourself some space, then find out what your commonalities are. Compromise is the precedent to cooperation after all.

Aquarius: January 20 to February 18

You may be feeling like you’ve just hit a speed bump that has the chance of growing into a giant roadblock in the couple of weeks ahead, which can really grind your natural gear setting of constantly shifting without restraint. The M.O. is to reassure yourself when the frustration arises, that good things simply take time.

And good things they are indeed, as later stages in the month—beginning with Saturn turning direct from Oct. 23 onwards, precisely—can show the people around you expressing their appreciation for your plans and visions. The later Mars in retrograde on Oct. 30 kicks off a process of calibrating and editing down on the work that you’ve built up so far, which makes it a good time to admire how far you’ve come whilst making slight adjustments that will springboard you even further than you currently might think.

Pisces: February 19 to March 20

Alignment is at the heart of the season for the Pisceans. Like the two fishes that are locked in a perpetual dance, getting in sync with the motions of life right now is exactly how you will find your own rhythm.

The first few weeks of October call for you to untwist yourself from the knots you might have been uncomfortable to discover amongst your relationships and responsibilities. The harder you kick, the harder you become entangled, so steady and sensible does it when thorniness arises. Once Scorpio energy begins to rear during the solar eclipse on Oct. 25, deeper realisations will propel you towards your aspirations with little to no effort in your part on leveraging opportunities.

Aries: March 21 to April 19

The Mercury in retrograde that has just passed may have weighed you down extra, but the month to come is one of self-discovery that can help lead to productive happenings. The full moon appearing in your sign on Oct. 9 might have sparked some unfamiliar emotions, but the path that lies ahead could greatly be paved smooth with just a little bit of insight.

Remind yourself on the joys of your endeavours, or even just take a second to admire the minutia of everyday life, as it will help to soothe your cloudiness and discontent from the inside out. This self-placation is particularly important when Mars goes into retrograde again on Oct. 30, as the planet is key to driving your go-getter attitude.

Taurus: April 20 to May 20

The risk of shining a spotlight on elephants in rooms is the potential fallout that could come after. Yet when the clouds of conflict clear to reveal a deepened connection emerging, the power of communication really shines. You might have been affected by a bit of hardened conflict that has manifested over the earlier stages of the month towards the tail end of Mercury in retrograde, yet the situation ahead implies light at the end of the tunnel.

Venus shifting into your opposite sign of Scorpio on Oct. 23 and the eclipse that follows on Oct. 25 are forces that nudge you into the direction of untangling from miscommunication. If you let yourself fall further into the deep dive of your disaccord, there may be a snowballing of your other untended problem areas coming into view. Remember that identifying your problems are not the same as blaming yourself for being plagued by them, so give yourself some compassion.

Gemini: May 21 to June 20

Since the full moon in Aries on Oct. 9, your interpersonal meter has been off the charts! October is a month that, as Libra season is spiritually associated with, surrounds you with company that makes the Mercurial chaos of the retrograde that’s just passed seem like it barely grazed by. Beyond the good energy between you and close friends, the month ahead is also a good time for some casual and cleverly thought-out networking.

The solar eclipse on Oct. 25 however is a burning bright light to alert you to your self-care routine. Are you getting in enough movement? Have you been saving some time for some rest? Really—without any electronics nearby? The Mars retrograde coming on Oct. 30 is another blip for evaluation, this time turning within for a look to the roots behind your surfaced emotions.

Cancer: June 21 to July 22

There’s no shortage of buzz surrounding you this Libra season, but it comes closer to incessant white noise than gleeful chatter. It might feel tempting to drown yourself out completely but that is only a one-track road to blurry disenchantment. Let the full moon in Aries that just passed on Oct. 10 lead you to re-grounding yourself, so that you can better face the voices in your ear without lending your sanity to them.

Find your voice amidst the solar eclipse of Oct. 25, right after Venus venturing into your map of self-expression and romance on Oct. 23. Surrender yourself to your senses and you will find that instead of drowning out, you can slowly but surely rise to the surface. Take the opportunity to really focus on drawing out your desires and set your goals for the seasons to come.

Leo: July 23 to Aug. 22

Like the gorgeous, attention-grabbing mane of a lion, growing and expanding is something that never leaves your aspirations. As much as you are craving ascension in your career, passions, social circles, or spiritually, the process cannot be rushed. Wanting something badly isn’t the only thing that can land it into your hands.

Admin work is inevitable, so take an educated guess at how big your plate is before you overload it with too much to chew. The solar eclipse of Oct. 25 may pose an invisible thrust back down a few rungs on the ladder, but don’t let it set you back from the journey at large.

Virgo: Aug. 23 to Sept. 22

As a Mercurial sign, the retrograde that moved through your season that’s just passed has been quite harsh on project management. Not a sign to jump into things blind, a lot of pressures have built up recently, showing unlikely flimsy foundations that have left you shaken to say the least.

Still, a shift in Venus and the Sun into Scorpio on Oct. 23 is a silver lining that comes in the form of enhanced connections and people coming in. Don’t be shy in using conversation with friends as a sounding board to realigning your plans as brilliant ideas don’t just appear in a vacuum. Learning to assert yourself in relation to other people can in fact help you figure out how to establish your metered goals for yourself.

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