Art Exhibitions to Catch in Hong Kong This June 2022


Art Exhibitions to Catch in Hong Kong This June 2022

Hong Kong's art scene is alive and thriving, defying the odds and setbacks brought on by the more than two-year-long COVID-19 pandemic that saw us confined indoors and filled with want of social contact and a trip to our favourite galleries.

This June and beyond, venture out (on your own or with company!) and get a glimpse of these four art exhibitions in Hong Kong for your viewing pleasure.

'The Driver' by Koak

The Driver Koak Perrotin
"The Driver" by Koak. Photo by Website/Perrotin

"The Driver" is San Francisco-based artist Koak's first ever solo exhibition in Asia and comprises new paintings and sculptures.

With an intense palette of comical yellows, peaches, pinks, and baby blues and a focus on feminine figures and felines as her subjects, Koak's pandemic-created paintings depict "archetypes of self that we have that are developed throughout our life or are internalized by experience."

Doubling and mirroring also figure in some of Koak's paintings. The artist has said that it's impossible for her to do a show that does not focus on ideas of duality.

"[T]hat duality often has to do with the distinction between ourselves and others, the interplay of that. This show feels as though it’s about merging that duality," Koak said. "That it’s looking at the places where those parts get muddied, where we subtly absorb one another only to become more of ourselves."

This exhibit is on show at Perrotin Hong Kong along Salisbury Road in Tsim Sha Tsui until July 9.

'Sofabilder/Sofa Pictures' by Georg Baselitz

Sofabilder/Sofa Pictures Georg Baselitz White Cube
"Sofabilder/Sofa Pictures" by Georg Baselitz. Photo by Website/White Cube

German artist Georg Baselitz's "Sofabilder/Sofa Pictures" comprises of recent drawings and paintings that "give new and haunting form to his lifelong quest to unite abstraction and figuration in an inextricable dance." Apart from taking inspiration from Pablo Picasso's "L'Aubade," a central motif in Baselitz's work is a depiction of a nude female form inspired by his wife Elke.

Baselitz is considered as one of Germany's most celebrated living artists. He has exhibited widely, namely in Paris, Venice, Switzerland, Washington, Munich, Naples, and New York, among others.

This exhibit is on show at White Cube in Central until Sept. 3.

'Specters' by Luke Casey

Specters Luke Casey Tomorrow Maybe Hong Kong
"SPECTERS" by Luke Casey. Photo by Website/Tomorrow Maybe Hong Kong

Luke Casey marries photography and video artworks in his trippy solo exhibit "Specters," which takes fragments from his childhood fantasies and memories, from haunted encounters to recollections of brutal violence. With the help of an "artificial neural network," Casey is able to communicate his uncanny memories by simulating abstract shapes and forms.

"The abstract shapes or bodily forms simulated by artificial intelligence do not just reflect his personal history and subconsciousness, but also illustrate how artificial intelligence interprets the collective vision of specters projected by humans," art gallery Tomorrow Maybe wrote.

"Specters" is on show at the art gallery along Nathan Road in Jordan until July 10.

'Growing Wings' by Leang Seckon

Growing Wings Leang Seckon
"Growing Wings" by Leang Seckon. Photo by Website/Rossi & Rossi

This solo exhibit is Leang Seckon's fourth with the Rossi & Rossi art gallery. A Cambodian, Seckon has lived through the violent years of the country, such as the Khmer Rouge's time as well as the Vietnamese occupation. His works are both autobiographical and narrative and derive inspiration from his country's historical past. In "Growing Wings," viewers will witness the "dazzling changes in [Seckon's] home country into compositions interspersed with mythic Khmer folklore."

"Growing Wings" is on show at Rossi & Rossi in Wong Chuk Hang until July 9.

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