Celebrating International Women’s Month with The Beat Asia
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Celebrate International Women’s Month 2023 with Stories and Conversations

Header Celebrate International Womens Month 2023 with Stories and Conversations

Annually, Mar. 8 marks a day to bring women into the spotlight. International Women’s Day marks a global event that brings forth a perspective often sidelined, and with this year’s IWD2023 theme being to #EmbraceEquity’ it opens the floor to reveal the other contexts and spaces where women’s achievements, or even existence, are not welcomed. Inclusivity takes many forms, and though women-led endeavors are gradually being acknowledged by society at large, they are still very much being undermined.

Stepping forth to take part in the topic, The Beat Asia is introducing a series that extends this special day into International Women’s Month, showing the diversity of topics that all connect to and influence womanhood.

This focus of the series isn’t simply about spreading awareness of gender inequity or the still pervasive disparity in opportunities for recognition. Through highlighting women’s voices, we are also celebrating and uplifting the women around us through their stories. This International Women’s Month invites us to embrace all the facets that make up the experience of being a woman, through exploring the inspirations, aspirations, and achievements.

Stay tuned to stories from remarkable women in Hong Kong who have found success in their own different spaces, as well as engaging dives into topics that affect us.

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