How Former Figure Skater Maisy Ma is Redefining Her Future
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How Former Figure Skater Maisy Ma is Redefining Her Future Beyond Competing

How Former Figure Skater Maisy Ma is Redefining Her Future Beyond Competing 2

World-class figure skater Maisy Ma is not shy of the stage or the limelight.

The former international games medallist, seven-time Hong Kong champion, competitor of the International Junior Grand Prix, and master choreographer has enjoyed a decorated professional career. From hitting the ice at only six years old in Beijing until a move to semi-retirement in the face of injuries.

Recent moves have pushed Maisy further onto Hong Kong’s screens, most importantly having appeared prominently in TV coverage of 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, attending TV series, appearing in advertisements, and emceeing for Hong Kong’s hottest events.

The Beat Asia sat down with the former figure skater to explore how she is redefining her future after injuries and beyond competing on the international rink.

Figure Skater Maisy Ma

Hey Maisy, how did figure skating come into your life?

Every day after kindergarten, I [passed] through a mall to get back home in Hong Kong. There was an ice rink I would pass and seeing the girls with sparkly dresses twirling and jumping on the ice was so intriguing for me. I wanted to glide freely on the ice, performing in front of thousands of audiences one day.

What was it like balancing your teenagehood in China and U.S. and shaping your professional career in skating?

When I was three, I moved to Beijing, then the U.S. when I was 13, so I never fully grew up in Hong Kong. Being a professional athlete from a young age and full-time student at the same time was definitely very difficult to juggle.

I had zero free time and never had a real teenage life growing up. I never went to prom, never hung out with classmates after school, and never had a real summer holiday. However, I was always fine with it, because I know if you really want something you must sacrifice everything.

The moment of pride I have when I stand on a podium with a gold medal, nothing can compete with that. From a young age I never felt I was left out from all the fun.

What does it mean to you to be crowned Hong Kong champ seven times and stand as an international winning medalist in your career?

I am very proud of my career despite a lot of ups and downs. Skating has taught me so much. For example, the time when I won my first international medal [in the Hong Kong Championships], I went with a fractured foot.

I had zero expectations and took that competition for fun. Ironically, I did so well because I was no longer nervous and could perform at my best. It taught me perspectives can be so important sometimes. Your mental game is everything.

Figure Skater Maisy Ma

Tell us about your injury and how you overcame that in your skating journey. What happened after in your life?

I have had a long-term injury on my ankle, and it would bother me a lot, especially during training. I have missed out on competitions before because of this. Knowing that I would miss out on [the] Olympics was devastating, but I am so thankful for everyone around me who was there and supported me along the way.

I am someone who always [needs] a goal in my life, so I quickly transitioned and set my new goal after I stopped skating. I went to college and graduated two years early! Now, looking back, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, because it allowed me to explore all these passions, and experience what the real world is like at a young age.

How did you feel when you had the chance to lead TV coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

Olympics is the biggest dream for any athlete, and it was super meaningful because I participated in a different role this time. I was once an athlete but having the opportunity to host on TV proved to me that I have successfully transitioned into someone else in life now. I do media, host events, and guest present, and attend TV shows.

It was so meaningful to introduce to our Hong Kong audience to something I’ve loved for so long. Talking about winter sports and explaining how figure skating works, showing the beauty of my sport to more people out there.

Figure Skater Maisy Ma

Growing your career into an emcee in recent times, how have you felt about your career change to modelling and covering top events in the city?

I believe I was born as a performer. Being able to emcee in front of 9,000 Hong Kongers [in the recent 2022 Hong Kong Masters] made me feel so happy. When the crowd would scream it brought back so many good memories. I am in love with the stage.

What is the future for you Maisy, and your plans for your passions of modelling, acting, emceeing and skating?

Emceeing is new to me, but I have been able to handle it well. Modelling, TV and coaching [my students] was all I have every asked for. [Event emceeing and management] was what I wanted to see myself doing growing up, so all I have to say to my life right now is that I am very grateful!

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