Michelle Yeoh: Actress, Legend, and TIME’s Icon of the Year
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TIME’s Icon of the Year 2022 Is Michelle Yeoh

20221213 Michelle Yeoh is TIME Icon of the Year 2022 PIC01 Photo by Photo via A24

TIME Magazine honored Michelle Yeoh’s banner year by naming her the Icon of the Year. The plaudit, which will by accompanied by a cover spread on the magazine’s international runs, comes after the Ipoh-born actress’ breakout year. She was involved in three Hollywood productions in 2022, but it’s her starring role in the modern indie classic “Everything Everywhere All at Once” that finally caught the attention of the public.

Yeoh plays the titular role of Evelyn Quan Wang, an overworked immigrant who discovers that she has several versions of herself in different universes. Then, she inherits the abilities of the other Evelyns in the multiverse to help with a tax audit and a host of family issues. In recent years, she has also played memorable characters in both film and television, with “Crazy Rich Asians,” “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,” and “Star Trek: Discovery.”

In her interview with TIME, Yeoh expressed gratitude for finding a role so perfect for her in “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” “When you get an opportunity like this, you have to pour your heart and soul into it, because you don’t know when the next chance is,” she says of her experience in the making of the film. She adds, “I think that is my biggest fear: Please don’t let this be the one and only.”

The award has also come at a perfect time when all the Oscar hopefuls are trying to be considered for one of acting’s highest honors. With an all-time high buzz behind her, Yeoh is vying to become the first Asian actress to take home the Best Actress Award.

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