Six KL Influencers Shaping the Local Fashion Scene
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6 Fashion Influencers to Follow in Kuala Lumpur

6 Influencers Shaping the Local Fashion Scene in KL

Now that fashion inspiration can be found with just a swipe of a finger, Instagram has become the ultimate hub for style aficionados. Among the sea of influencers in Kuala Lumpur and the rest of Asia, there are a few shining stars who consistently captivate us with their impeccable taste and unique fashion sensibilities. From trailblazing entrepreneurs to fearless trendsetters, these fashion influencers have taken the Instagram world by storm, redefining the boundaries of style and leaving us in awe of their sartorial prowess. In this article, we've listed the hottest fashion influencers to follow in Kuala Lumpur. So, grab your smartphones and start hitting that "follow" button!

Neelofa (@neelofa)

Neelofa, whose real name is Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor, rose to fame not only as a fashion influencer but also as a successful entrepreneur and actress. Her journey to becoming a fashion icon began on social media, where she garnered a massive following due to her unique style. Beyond her fashion endeavours, Neelofa is known for her commitment to modest fashion. As a Muslim woman, she has been an advocate for modesty in dressing while still staying on-trend. Neelofa has successfully shown that fashion can be modest, stylish, and inclusive, breaking barriers and inspiring women of all backgrounds to express themselves through fashion. The Naelofar Hijab and the Nilofa Group are only two of Neelofa's successful commercial enterprises.

Bryanboy (@bryanboy)

Originally from the Philippines, Bryanboy has taken the fashion world by storm and it would be a sin to write this list without mentioning him. He is a regular at Asia’s biggest fashion events, thanks to his fearless style and larger-than-life personality. He is often seen sporting avant-garde outfits that will leave you in awe. From designer labels to high-street finds, Bryanboy effortlessly mixes and matches to create unique and eye-catching looks.

Min Luna (@minluna)

For those who love streetwear and edgy fashion, Min Luna is the influencer you need to follow. Known for her urban style and love for bold prints and patterns, this Kuala Lumpur-based influencer effortlessly combines streetwear staples with high-end accessories. From oversized hoodies to statement sneakers, her outfits are a perfect blend of comfort and coolness. Get ready to channel your inner street style star by following her for some serious fashion inspo.

Kittie Yiyi (@kittieyiyi)

Kittie Yiyi is known for her unique and colorful style. Her Instagram feed is a delightful mix of vibrant prints, quirky accessories, and retro-inspired fashion. She's not afraid to experiment with different styles, making her a must-follow for those seeking bold and eclectic fashion inspiration. The fashion designer and fashion influencer is also the founder of Kittie Yiyi Collection and Kittie Yiyi Beauty.

Vivy Yusof (@vivyyusof)

Vivy Yusof is a successful businesswoman, fashion influencer, and co-founder of the popular online shopping destination, FashionValet. Vivy's impeccable sense of style has garnered her a massive following. She is known for her chic and modest fashion choices, often combining contemporary pieces with modest silhouettes. Vivy is also the co-founder of The dUCk Group, one of the fastest-growing local brands in Malaysia selling scarves, bags, cosmetics, and more. Today, dUCk stores can be found in most major malls across Klang Valley (Malaysia) and in Haji Lane (Singapore).

Dolly Dalilah (dollydalilah)

Dolly Dalilah is a Kuala Lumpur-based beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. She sparkles in her modest attire that she wears with her stylish hijabs. Dolly frequently posts about clothing, skincare products, and other make-up-related topics.

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