8 Kuala Lumpur-Based Mom Influencers You Should Follow
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8 Kuala Lumpur-Based Mom Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Kuala Lumpur Based Moms Influencers to Follow

Motherhood is not as easy as 1-2-3. Sometimes, a simple “you can do it!” is not enough to overcome the challenges of raising a kid. Apart from receiving advice and guidance from loved ones, it’s important to refer to digital creators who are currently navigating the world of parenthood. In Kuala Lumpur, there is a myriad of influencers who produce content that mothers and soon-to-be moms can relate to. What’s more, these creators have a fair share of baby product recommendations in case you need suggestions from actual moms.

Emma Maembong (@emma_maembongofficial)

A Malaysian actress, Emma Maembong is one of the top influencers in Kuala Lumpur. Boasting 5.2 million followers (and counting), the 30-year-old content creator posts about motherhood and family. Aside from parenting, she is also a major fashion inspiration for moms wanting to flaunt their beauty through chic pieces. Follow her for parenting, fashion, and beauty advice.

Rodziah Hanim (@rodziah_hanim)

Rodziah Hanim is a digital foodie creator who regularly posts mouthwatering Malaysian meals and desserts that will keep you wanting more. Aside from food, she also touches on topics like motherhood and family, both of which she uses to inspire and motivate her fellow mothers. Show Rodziah some love by following her on Instagram.

Sari Yanti (@sariyanti)

Could Sari Yanti’s kids be any cuter? Aside from posting adorable photos of her daughter and son, she also publishes family photos that are too captivating not to like. She is an influencer who covers topics such as motherhood, beauty, fashion, and cooking. Between giving tips and inspiring women to pursue their life goals, Sari is always open to helping her fellow moms. Join the fun and be part of her legion of 3.3 million supporters by following her on Instagram.

Anne Achey (@anne_achey._)

A happy-go-lucky mom, Anne Achey’s platform of inspirational motherhood content and engaging TikTok videos has made her very popular in Kuala Lumpur. With more than 500,000 followers, she spreads positivity through funny posts featuring her family and friends. The relationship between her daughter and husband will warm your heart in no time. Give her a follow for your daily dose of uplifting content.

Jaclyn Victor (@jaclyn_victor)

Juggling her life as an actress and a mom, Jaclyn Victor gives her followers a peek into her extraordinary life through a mix of celebrity and motherhood content. Whether it’s guesting on TV shows, having a girls’ night- out with friends, or raising kids, this 44-year-old supermom has all bases covered. Follow her motherhood journey on Instagram.

Puteri Sarah Liyana (@puterisarahliyana)

A mother of two, Puteri Sarah Liyana is one of the most sought-after influencers in Kuala Lumpur. She is famous for her inspiring motherhood posts, where she highlights her son Siyakhul and daughter Sumayyah. Like any mom influencer, Puteri never fails to post fashion and beauty advice to encourage fellow mothers to do the same. Her series of motivating content is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Adiela Ridzuan (@adielaridzuan)

Adiela Ridzuan is a mom influencer who gives her followers a glimpse of the ups and downs of her life. While her Instagram is mainly focused on fashion and beauty content, she also posts photos of her bouncing baby boy and girl. Aside from being a mom of two, Adiela is also a full-time businesswoman. She helms @lullabae.kids, a hair care brand catering to children in Kuala Lumpur. Follow her for motherhood and entrepreneurial tips.

Elena Eleas (@elenaeleas)

A former senior stewardess at Emirates, Elena Eleas quit her job to become a full-time mom to her baby boy, Khalifa. She uses her influence to inspire her co-moms on how to run a small family. Whether it’s going on a quick escapade with her child, celebrating birthdays with loved ones, or eating out with relatives, Elena has a wide range of engaging social media posts that she believes will bring happiness and inspiration to her 100,000 Instagram followers.

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